Lexicon: expression – extent

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expression, n. [see express, v.]

Utterance; presentation; recitation; performance; gesture; pronunciation with suitable action.

exquisite, adj. [L.'to search out'.]

Exact; complete; intense; sublime; brilliant; of the highest degree.

extacies, n. [see ecstasy, n.]

extant, adj. [L.'to stand forth, be prominent, be visible'.]

  1. Present; remaining; manifest; evident.
  2. Alive; in existence.
  3. Visible; perceptible; surviving.

extasy, n. [see ecstacy, n.]

extatic, adj. [see ecstatic, adj.]

extemporaneous, adj. [L.'out of time'.]

Temporary; fleeting; unpremeditated; spontaneous.

extemporize (extemporizing), v. [see extemporaneous, adj.]

Speaking spontaneously; communicating without premeditation.

extend (-ed), v. [L.'to stretch out'.]

Stretch in any direction; widen capacities; impart.

extent, adv. [see extend, v.]

Distributed among; lengthy period of time.