Lexicon: extent – extort

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extent (-s), n. [see extend, v.]

  1. Space; degree; compass; capacity; length; breadth.
  2. Moment; period of time.

exterior, adj. [L.'outside, foreign'.]

External; foreign; on the outside.

exterminate, v. [L. < ex, out + terminus, limit, boundary.]

Cease; exhaust; deplete; extinguish; run out; become unavailable; come to an end.

external, adj. [L.'outward'.]

Outer; exterior.

externally, adv. [see external, adj.]

Outwardly; visibly.

extinct, adj. [L. < ex, intensive + stingu─ôre, to quench.]

Dead; ceased; ended; passed away.

extinction (-'s), n. [see extinct, adj.]

  1. Destruction; loss of being; suppression of being; [fig.] death.
  2. End; disappearance; death; [fig.] eclipse; obscuring; darkening; quenching of light; extinguishing of radiant energy.

extinguish (-ed), v. [L. < ex, intensive + stingu─ôre, to quench.]

  1. Overwhelm; eclipse; surpass; obscure by superior splendor.
  2. Snuff out; put out; cause to go dark; [fig.] appear to lose light, heat, and fire in sunset.
  3. Drown; quench.
  4. Die; perish; expire.
  5. Darken; disappear; appear to die.

extol, v. [L. < ex, out + tollo, to raise.]

  1. Eulogize; elegize; memorialize; commemorate; remember in words.
  2. Commend; magnify; lift up; praise highly; [fig.] immortalize.

extort (-ed), v. [L. extorquere < ex, out + torquere, to twist, to arise.]

Wrest; wring; catch; grab; take; steal; pull up; draw from by force.