Lexicon: exactness – excellent

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exactness, n. [see exact, v.]

Accuracy; precision; automation; mechanical movement.

exalt (-ed, -s), v. [L. < ex, out + altus, high.] (webplay: above, estimation, joy, others, voice).

Extol; glorify; inspire; proclaim; animate; raise; elevate; praise; dignify; honor.

examine, v. [Fr.< L. 'to weigh accurately, test, try, inquire into'.]

  1. Study; ascertain; investigate; analyze; inspect carefully.
  2. Witness; behold; view carefully.

example, n. [OFr < L. 'to take out'.] (webplay: any).

Model; representation; instance; illustration; exercise; pattern; copy; precedent.

exasperate, v. [L. 'roughen, irritate'.]

Frustrate; provoke; buffet; baffle; stir up; [fig.] drive; carry in the wind.

exceed (-s), v. [L. 'to go out'.]

Surpass; pass beyond.

exceeding, adv. [see exceed, v.]

Outmatching, surpassing.

excel (-ling), v. [Fr. < L. 'to rise above others, be eminent'.]

  1. Outdo; overcome; supercede; overthrow; surmount; prevent; forestall; preclude; win against.
  2. Surpass; transcend; be superior to.
  3. Outshine; exceed in brightness.

excellence, n. [see excellent, adj.]

  1. Splendor; brilliance; esteem.
  2. Quality; worthiness; superior status; [word play on “quality” as a trait] characteristic.

excellent, adj. [see excel, v.]

  1. Great; laudable; praiseworthy.
  2. Noble; valiant; virtuous; superior; of great worth.
  3. Eminent; distinguished; beautiful; splendid.
  4. Valuable; useful.