Lexicon: eider-duck – elderly

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eider-duck (-s), n. [see eider, n.]

eighteen, adj. [OE; the written form of the numeral 18.]

Eight plus ten.

either, adj. [OE.] (webplay: each, One, side, sleepeth).

Each; both of two.

either, n. [see either, adj.]

Alternative; other option.

either, pron. [see either, adj.] (webplay: another, any, cares, each, every, loves, One, perhaps, pursuing, separately, talking, two).

  1. Both of two; both of them; both of us.
  2. Any of the two; the one or the other; this one or that one.
  3. One without the other.

eject (-ed), v. [L. 'throw out'.]

Dismiss; release; discharge; relinquish; surrender; let go of; [fig.] free; liberate.

elastic, adj. [mod. L. < Gk ελαστικός, that drives, propulsive, impulsive.]

Flexible; pliant; stretchable; extended; expansive; absorbent; resilient.

elate, v. [L. 'carry out, elevate, raise'.]

Raise; elevate; lift on high; [fig.] encourage; stimulate.

elder, adj. [OE. comparative form of “old.”]

  1. Older; senior; having lived a longer time; born, produced, or formed before something else; opposed to younger; [fig.] wise; experienced.
  2. Former; previous; earlier; long ago.

elderly, adj. [see elder, adj.]

Somewhat old; advanced beyond middle age; bordering on old age.