Lexicon: exponent – express

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exponent, n. [L.'to put forth, set forth, display, declare, publish'.]

Function; dimension; main proposition; transcendent purpose; [mathematics] root; ratio; reckoning; quotient; operation; calculation; computation; figure of multiplication; balance of an equation; proportion between two entities; [fig.] power; magnification; [metaphor] proponent; interpreter; advocate; representative; mouthpiece; translator.

export, v. [L. 'to carry out'.]

Convey; transport across boundaries.

expose (-s), v. [Fr. < exponer, to put out.] (webplay: uncovered).

Reveal; disclose; make vulnerable; remove protection.

exposed, verbal adj. [see expose, v.]

Vulnerable; uncovered; unprotected.

exposition, n. [see expose, v.]

Display; free passage; thing that is laid open.

expositor, n. [see expose, v.]

Interpreter; mouthpiece; representative; translator; [metaphor] agent; accountant; bookkeeper; [fig.] dictionary; one who expounds.

expound, v. [L. exponere, to put forth, set forth, explain.]

  1. Explain; clarify; examine; propound; lay open; tell the significance of.
  2. Interpret; translate; understand; make sense of; [Webster 1844] “to expound a text of Scripture.”

express, adj. [see express v.]

Direct; brisk; speedy; prompt; quick; timely; lively; immediate; straight; clear; plain; evident; manifest; significant; important; for a particular purpose.

express, adv. [see express v.]

Straight; directly; precisely.

express (-ed), v. [L.'to press out'; see press, v.]

  1. Extract; distill; squeeze out; remove by pressing.
  2. Move quickly; travel rapidly; [fig.] shine; appear; be manifest.