Lexicon: exclusion – exegesis

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exclusion, n. [see exclude, v.]

Omission; deletion; being shut out.

exclusive, adj. [see exclude, v.]

  1. Selective; not including; separate.
  2. Restrictive; self-superior; possessing to the derision of others.

exclusively, adv. [see exclude, v.]

Only; just; solely.

excursion, n. [L.'to run out'.]

Expedition; outing; journey into a distant part.

excuse, n. [see excuse, v.] (webplay: plea).

Apology; allowance; vindication; release; supplication; clearance; rationalization.

excuse, v. [L. ex, out + causa, accusation.] (webplay: little).

Pardon; exempt; forgive; relieve; overlook; justify; indulge; free from fault; acquit of blame; remove guilt; save from punishment.

execute, v. [Fr. < L. ex-, out + sequī, to follow.] (webplay: act, office).

Initiate; accomplish; carry; complete; fulfill; perform; discharge.

executive, adj. [see execute, v.] (webplay: magistrate, quality, warrant).

Supervisor; director; leader; president; authoritative; operative.

executor (-s), n. [see execute, v.]

Administrator; conductor; manager; initiator; instigator; ruler.

exegesis, n. [Gk 'to interpret'.]

Explanation; gloss; exposition; interpretation; illustration.