Lexicon: enclosed – endanger

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enclosed, adj. [see close, v.]

Separated; barricaded; bound by a mass of material.

encomium, n. [L.]

Praise; commendation; recognition; approval.

encore, v. [Fr. 'still, yet, again'.]

Summon again; call to return; request repetition of; demand a repeat performance of.

encounter (-ed, -ing), v. [L. in, in + contrāre, against.]

Meet; find suddenly; discover unexpectedly; come face to face with.

encourage (-s), v. [see courage, n.]

  1. Inspire; motivate; give confidence to.
  2. Facilitate; recommend; advocate.

encouragement, n. [see courage, n.]

Incentive; inducement; assurance; trust; confidence; faith; motivation.

encroach (-ed), v. [OFr 'to seize'.]

Intrude; interfere; trespass; enter another's territory.

end (-s), n. [OE 'boundary'.] (webplay: beyond, breadth, come, death, earth, extremities, finger, good, house, life, made, man, mark, months, reached, ship, stands, summer, time, two, ultimate, views, work).

  1. Conclusion; close; final part; last section; [fig.] death; close of life.
  2. Bound; limit of duration; concluding time; temporal boundary; final segment.
  3. Tip; point; terminus; extremity.
  4. Goal; object; purpose; destination; determination; [fig.] final doom; point of no more progress.
  5. Result; consequence; outcome; resolution; solution.
  6. Finish; culmination; diminishing; closure; [fig.] frost; blight.
  7. Edge; boundary; outer limit; far border.

end (-ed, -s), v. [see end, n.] (webplay: beyond, death, finger, finish, God, head, house, made, old, other's, summer, time, words, world).

  1. Stop; cease; halt; terminate; finish; conclude.
  2. Excuse; allow to go; be done with a task.

endanger (-ing), v. [see danger, n.] (webplay: life).

Imperil; jeopardize; expose to danger; put into a threatening situation.