Lexicon: endued – England

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endued, adj. [see due, n.]

Given; empowered; invest; endow.

endure (-s, -d), v. [OFr 'to make hard'.] (webplay: borne, death, die, fortitude, hands, his, hold, long, pain, perishing, presence, remain, sons, wrought).

Survive; prevail; persist; last; bear pain; live through trials; tolerate desperate situations; [fig.] live forever.

enemy (-'s, enemies), n. [OFr < L. in, not + amīcus, friendly, friend.] (webplay: another, do, foe, friend, hate, him, love, nation, one, you).

Adversary; opponent; foe; antagonist; unfriendly one; hostile person.

energy, n. [L. < Gk 'work'.] (webplay: God, his, requires).

Vigor; vitality; power; work; effort; strength; intensity; vividness; animation.

enfeeble (-s), v. [see feeble, adj.] (webplay: reduce).

Weaken; undermine; debilitate; sabotage; subvert; make feeble.

enfold (-s, -ing), v. [see fold, v.]

Embrace; enclose; encircle; surround; protect; cover in safety; wrap in warmth; envelop with affection.

enforce (-d, -s), v. [see force, v.] (webplay: energy, old, put).

  1. Implement; impose; forcefully produce; cause by force.
  2. Force; coerce; compel; obtrude; cause by an outside source.

enfranchized, verbal adj. [OFr en, in + franc, free.]

Freed; liberated; unimprisoned; set free; released from confinement.

enginery, n. [OFr in, in + gen, to beget.]

Apparatus; implement; tool; machine; mechanism; manufacturer; maker; thing that produces.

England, proper n. [see New England, proper n.]