Lexicon: espy – esteemed

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espy (espies, espied), v. [OFr < L. < Gk 'to look'.] (webplay: distance, hid, man, sea, visible, way, word).

See; spot; descry; exclaim; declare; discover unexpectedly; examine closely.

essay, v. [OFr < L. exagium, to weigh, try, prove, adjust, ascertain, examine.] (webplay: attempt).

Endeavor; try; experiment; seek; test; make an effort.

essential, adj. [L.] (webplay: general, oils).

Necessary; required; indispensable; crucial; important; irreplaceable.

Essex, proper n. [OE 'country of the East Saxons'; see east, adj. and Saxon, proper n.]

English Duke; courtier of Elizabeth I during the Renaissance; nobleman who held land in the eastern area of England; friend of Queen Elizabeth, who sentenced him to death for treason.

establish (-es, -ed), v. [L. stabilis, stable.] (webplay: duty, dwell, enact).

Install; initiate; erect; fulfill; found; secure.

established, verbal adj. [see establish, v.] (webplay: confirm, good, place, possessions, religion).

  1. Constant; proven; found; unchanging; set up permanently.
  2. Permanent; initial; original.

estate (-s), n. [OFr < L. stā-re, to stand.] (webplay: heirs, high, life, property, set, state).

  1. Rank; constitution; fixed condition; eternal state.
  2. Property; settlement; fortune; possession; establishment.

esteem, n. [see esteem, v.] (webplay: estimate, forsook, hold, riches).

Respect; value; regard; reputation; admiration; prize; high opinion; great worth.

esteem (-ed, -ing), v. [OFr 'respect'.] (webplay: estimate, friendship, high, holy, learned, lived, minds, riches, think).

Judge; appraise; deem; think highly of.

esteemed, adj. [see esteem, v.] (webplay: hold).

Prized; admired; valued; expected; anticipated.