Lexicon: evenly – everyday

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evenly, adv. [see even, adj.]

Equally; regularly; exactly; immediately; smoothly; impartially; tranquilly; without fluctuations.

event (-s), n. [OFr < L. e, out + venīre, to come.] (webplay: come, incident).

Occurrence; occasion; happening; climax; outcome; issue; end; consequence.

eventide, n. [see even, n. and tide, n.] (webplay: time).

Evening; dusk; sunset time; end of day; first period in the creation of the Earth (see Genesis 1:5).

eventual, adj. [see event, n.]

Consequential; ultimate; final; conditional; occurring as a result of.

eventually, adv. [see event, n.]

Ultimately; finally; under specified circumstances.

ever, adv. [OE.] (webplay: all, always, another, before, come, ear, fear, future, God, learning, less, long, love, man, master, mindful, name, never, now, perpetuity, question, richer, seen, serve, then, time, wisely, wrong).

  1. Forever; eternally; everlasting; always; constantly; perpetually; continually; in all cases.
  2. At any time.

evergreen (-s), n. [see ever, adv. and green, adj.] (webplay: all, throughout, year).

Fresh pine tree roots or branches; plant that stays verdant throughout the seasons; [fig.] never fading memorial wreath.

everlasting, adj. [see ever, adv. + last, adj.] (webplay: eternal, eternity, God, immortal, without).

Eternal; immortal; endless; perpetual; unfailing; abiding; indefinitely durable; enduring forever.

every, adj. [OE aefre, aelc; initially there was no distinction between the words every and each.]

  1. Any; all of a kind within certain limits.
  2. Each; all of the members of a groups as individuals.

everyday, adj. [see every, adj. and day, n.]

Common; ordinary.