Lexicon: expanse – experience

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expanse, n. [see expand, v.]

  1. Capacity; greatness; extent; extremity of body and spirit; [fig.] power ability; omnipotence.
  2. Heaven; the sky; the portion of the creation above the earth; (see Genesis 1:8); [fig.] paradise; the afterlife.

expect (-ed, -ing), v. [L. 'to look out for, await'.]

  1. Anticipate; hope for; look for.
  2. Await; wait for.

expectant, adj. [see expect, v.]

Waiting; wishful; wistful; yearning; longing.

expectation, n. [see expect, v.]

  1. Prospect; looking forward to something.
  2. Anticipation; hope.

expedition, v. [L. ex-, + ped-em, foot.]

Voyage; journey made for a definite purpose.

expend (-s, -ed), v. [L. < ex, out + pend-ěre, to weigh.]

  1. Spend; pay out; give as money.
  2. Consume; deplete; exhaust; use up.

expended, verbal adj. [see expend, v.]

Spent; used up; disbursed; closing.

expense, n. [see expend, v.]

Cost; loss; charge; sacrifice.

expensive, adj. [see expend, v.]

Costly; valuable; dear; of high price.

experience, n. [Fr. to try, put to the test.]

Wisdom; understanding; common sense; learning by doing; knowledge resulting from trials; [fig.] mortality; life on earth.