Lexicon: enlist – ensue

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enlist, v. [OE.]

Recruit; conscript; draft; engage; compel; secure the services of; cause to fight on one's behalf.

enmity, n. [see enemy, n.] (webplay: hatred).

Animosity; ill-will; hostility; meanness; antagonism; aggression; condition of being an enemy.

eno', adv. [see enough, adv.]

enormous, adj. [Fr. < L. ē, out + norma, mason's square, pattern.] (webplay: great, man).

Large; gigantic; immense; tremendous; ample; sizable; [fig.] precious; treasured; priceless; valuable beyond normal comprehension.

enough, adj. [OE 'it suffices'.] (webplay: have).

Sufficient; ample; adequate; satisfactory.

enough (eno'), adv. [see enough, adj.] (webplay: content, gives, have, quiet, rest, said, satisfy).

Sufficiently; adequately; satisfactorily; acceptably.

enough, n. [see enough, adj.] (webplay: answer, bread, content, gives, have, said).

Sufficiency; an adequate amount; an acceptable quantity.

enroll (-ed), v. [ME. < OFr 'a roll'.]

Insert; record; to write a roll in register; [fig.] position; place; [word play] rolling; turning.

ensnare (-s), v. [see snare, n.]

Catch; capture.

ensue, v. [OFr < L. in, in + sequi, to follow.] (webplay: come, events, time).

Result; proceed; continue; allow; turn out; [word play on “sue”] prove; seek; essay.