Lexicon: eloquence – em

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eloquence, n. [see eloquent, adj.] (webplay: Demosthenes, orator).

Power of expression; ability to communicate strong emotions fluently and powerfully.

eloquent, adj. [Fr. < L. 'to speak out'.]

Expressive; powerful; moving.

eloquent (-ly), adv. [see eloquent, adj.]

Expressively; persuasively; poignantly.

else, adj. [OE.]

Someone other.

else, adv. [OE.]

  1. Alternately; if the facts were different.
  2. Otherwise; except that mentioned.
  3. Additionally; further; besides; more than this.

elsewhere, adv. [see else, adj. and where, conj.]

In any other place; in some other place; in other places indefinitely.

elude (-s), v. [L. e, out + lūděre, to play.]

  1. Evade; remain unknown, unseen, undiscovered or out of reach; to mock by an unexpected escape.
  2. Escape; deliberately keep from the reach of.
  3. Avoid; dodge.

elusive, adj. [see elude v. and illusive, adj.] (webplay: day, fond, she).

Fleeting; vague; undefined; evanescent; intangible; escaping distinct perception; evading exact definition.

Elysium, proper n. [L. < Gk 'abode of the blessed'.]

Heaven; paradise; Elysian Fields; place for happy souls after death; dwelling place of blessed spirits in Greek mythology; [fig.] bliss; felicity; future happiness.

em, pron. [contracted form 'em; see them.]