Lexicon: erudite – espouse

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erudite, adj. [L. 'instruct, train'.] (webplay: teach).

  1. Clever; cunning; shrewd; crafty; learned in the occult.
  2. Wise; perceptive; astute; learned; adroit; smart; intelligent; knowledgeable.

escapade, n. [see escape, v.]

Flight; departure; risky adventure; runaway excursion; breaking loose from restraint.

escape ('scape), n. [see escape, v.] (webplay: flight, life, retaken, sight, soldier, windy).

  1. Flight; [fig.] liberation; release from bondage; [the quoted form of the word may refer to the imperative form of the verb, meaning “Flee!”].
  2. Deliverance; respite; rescue; relief; release; [fig.] salvation; redemption.
  3. Departure; passage; disappearance; going away; [fig.] death; termination.
  4. Freedom; [fig.] play; recreation; diversion; pleasure; [metaphor] joy; delight; exhilaration.
  5. Avoidance; evasion.
  6. Adventure; escapade; risky situation; close call; near miss.

escape (-s, -ed, -ing, 'scaping), v. [ME < L. ex, out & cappa, cloth.] (webplay: flee, flight, life, obtain, pass, retaken, sea, warrant, will, world).

  1. Retreat; move away.
  2. Fly; take flight; [fig.] collide; [word play on “scraping”] crash.
  3. Abandon; flee; break free; [fig.] die; expire.
  4. Evade; elude; avoid.
  5. Leave; depart; pass away.

escaped, verbal adj. [see escape, v.]

Dead; emancipated; liberated from mortality; released from pain, grief, sorrow.

escapeless, adj. [see escape, v.]

Unavoidable; inescapable; boundless; certain; impossible to flee from.

escort (-s, -ed), v. [Fr. < L. < ex, out + corrigěre, to set right.]

Accompany; protect; conduct; direct; guard.

escutscheon (escutcheon), n. [ONF < L. < scūtum, shield.] (webplay: shield).

Protection; shield; defense; symbol; coat of arms; mark of identification.

esoteric, adj. [Gk 'within'.]

Private; interior; confidential; fathomless; incomprehensible.

espouse (-ed, -ing), v. [OFr < L. spondēre,'to bethroth'.]

  1. Support; nourish; accept; attach to.
  2. Marry; unite; embrace; pledge; promise; adopt; join eternally with.