Lexicon: endear – endowal

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endear (-s), v. [see dear, n.] (webplay: friend, more, round, us).

Cherish; treasure; hold dear; love intensely; care for deeply.

endearment, n. [see dear, n.]

Love; cherishing; caring; treasuring; affection; fondness; expression of love.

endeavor (-s), n. [OFr en, in + devoir, to set about.] (webplay: attempt).

Effort; struggle; enterprise; exertion; striving; trying; strenuous attempt.

endeavor (-ing, -s), v. [see endeavor, n.] (webplay: strength).

Struggle; try; strive; attempt to attain a goal.

endeavoring, n. [see endeavor, n.]

Striving; struggle; fight.

endless, adj. [see end, n.] (webplay: no).

Long; unceasing; ongoing; enduring; limitless; timeless; boundless; imperishable; interminable; aimless; undirected; unplanned.

endorse, v. [ME < med. L. in, upon & dorsum, back.]

Support; sustain; sanction; ratify; affirm; reinforce; approve of; vouch for.

endorsement (indorsement), n. [see endorse, v.]

Approval; support; ratification; sanction; confirmation.

endow (-s, -d, -ing), v. [L. < en, in + dōt-em 'dowry'.] (webplay: bestowed, his, man, nature, on, permanent, person, simple, woman).

Give; bestow; impart; gift; contribute; confer.

endowal, n. [see endow, v.]

Gift; present; bestowal.