Lexicon: erase – error

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erase (-ing), v. [L. ē, out & rāděre, to scratch.] (webplay: foundation).

  1. Eradicate; uproot; remove; eliminate; efface; obliterate; utterly destroy; [fig.] kill.
  2. Obscure; dim; benight; blot out; take away.

ere, adv. [see ere, prep.]

Sooner; at an earlier time.

ere, prep. [OE ær, before.]

Before; ahead of.

erect, adj. [see erect, v.]

Upright; standing; with good posture; [fig.] bold; virtuous; strong; effective.

erect, adv. [see erect, v.]

  1. Stiffly; stationary; without moving.
  2. Uprightly; unbowed; standing tall; with head up; having good posture; [fig.] boldly; with faith; having confidence.
  3. Up; straight; extended; in line; into proper position.
  4. Solidly; firmly; vertically; perpendicular to the earth.
  5. Shamelessly; audaciously; brazenly.

erect (-s), v. [L. < ē, out + regěre, to direct.]

  1. Set; establish; put up.
  2. Elevate; exalt; raise; lift up.

ermine, n. [OFr.] (webplay: pomp).

White fur of the shorttail weasel; fur garments; [fig.] finery; elegance; affluence; refined luxury.

err (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. 'wander'.]

Blunder; make a mistake; commit fault; act unwisely.

errand, n. [OE.] (webplay: done, messenger, send, servant).

  1. Goal; quest; destination; [fig.] gaze; glance; visual searching; [word play on "errant"] wandering; straying; roaming.
  2. Request; verbal message; attempt to communicate with someone far away; [fig.] petition; supplication; entreaty; [metaphor] poem; composition; written verse.
  3. Undertaking; task; duty; obligation; responsibility; mission; journey for a specific purpose.

error (-s), n. [see err, v.] (webplay: winds).

Mistake; blunder; fault; confusion; misunderstanding.