Lexicon: exhilarate – expand

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exhilarate (-s, exhilirate), v. [L. ex, out + hilar-is, cheerful.] (webplay: make).

Enliven; excite; thrill; gladden.

exhiliration, n. [see exhilarate, v.]

Joy; passion; imagination.

exigency (exigencies), n. [L. < ex-, out + agěre, to drive.] (webplay: times).

Demand; urgency; requirement; pressing necessity; immediate need.

exile (-s), n. [OFr 'state of banishment'.] (webplay: away, person, place, transport).

Alien; foreigner; stranger; person who is expelled, cut off, driven out, or sent away; one who is forcibly removed from their native land.

exist (-s, -ing), v. [Fr < L. 'stand out, be perceptible'.]

  1. Be; have essence; be actual; have a real presence without visual evidence.
  2. Be possible; have presence as a concept.
  3. Originate; lie within; be present; be located; have potential.
  4. Endure; continue; stay; persist; remain; [fig.] survive.
  5. Occur; happen; appear; become evident; come into being.
  6. Live; have life; have animation.

existence (-s, -'s), n. [see exist, v.]

  1. Eternity; all creation.
  2. Lifetime; occurrence; instantiation; [as a count noun].
  3. Life; mortality; time on earth.
  4. Purpose; meaningful life; essence of being.
  5. Being; reality; state of having essence.

exody, n. [Gk 'going out'.]

Departure; ouster; exodus; eviction; dispossession; royal deposition; forced banishment; legal removal from the throne; [fig.] death.

exorbitant, adj. [L. 'to go out of the track'.]

Extravagant; going beyond natural limits.

exorcise (-d), v. [L. < Gk < 'out' + 'oath'.]

Expel; cast out; adjure to depart; remove by conjurations, prayers, or ceremonies.

expand (-ing, -s), v. [L. 'to open, spread'.]

  1. Grow; open; spread; blossom; [fig.] radiate; cast light; send out rays; lay out in various colors.
  2. Enlarge; extend; lengthen; draw out; cause to increase in quantity.
  3. Magnify; amplify; increase the significance of.