Lexicon: emaciate – embolden

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emaciate, v. [L. < ē, out + maci-es, leanness.]

To reduce to leanness; to waste away; to become lean by pining with sorrow or by loss of appetite or other cause.

embark (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. in, in + barca, a small ship.]

  1. Board a vessel.
  2. Undertake; venture; take courage.

embarrass (-es), v. [Fr. 'to block, obstruct'.]

Disconcert; discompose; make uncomfortable.

embarrassed, verbal adj. [see embarrass, v.]

Confused; perplexed; confounded; abashed; humiliated; disconcerted; self-conscious; not composed; ill at ease.

embarrassment (-s), n. [see embarrass, v.]

  1. Uneasiness; perplexity; confusion; temporary inability to act appropriately.
  2. Entanglement; intricacy.

embellish, v. [OFr in, in + bel, beautiful.]

Adorn; decorate; beautify; make graceful; [fig.] illuminate; shine on; [metaphor] clothe; invest; inhabit; populate.

ember (-s), n. [OE ymbren; first entry in NW 1844 mentions ember-days.]

  1. Hot cinder; residue of combustion; firewood not yet extinguished; [fig.] emotion; passion; warmth of affection; feeling of love.
  2. Burning ash; smouldering bundle of sticks; [fig.] memory; memorial; remembrance; recollection; [metaphor] martyrdom; fiery trial; execution of a witch by fire; [allusions] burning at the stake of Joan of Arc in 1431; holiday of fasting and prayer sometimes associated with witchcraft.

emblem (-s), n. [L. 'a raised ornament, inlaid work'.]

  1. Token; symbol; Eucharist element; communion component; symbolic representation of bread and water in the sacrament; [fig.] image of natural beauty; lovely aspects of late summer weather.
  2. Image; figure; representation; standard; depiction in memory.

embody (embodied), v. [OE; see body, n.]

Incarnate; incorporate; form a united whole.

embolden, v. [see bold, adj.]

Encourage; hearten; make bold; give courage.