Lexicon: everyone – exactly

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everyone, n. [see every, adj. and one, n.]

Each individual; all persons.

everything, n. [see every, adj. and thing, n.] (webplay: common, like).

All entities; all creatures; the whole of nature.

everywhere, adv. [see every, adj. and where, conj.] (webplay: addition, place).

All places.

everywhere, n. [see every, adj. and where, conj.]

Limitless place; omnipresence; eternity; [fig.] vast sea; large ocean; infinite body of water.

evidence, n. [L. < ē, out + vident-em, to see.]

  1. Proof; verification.
  2. Witness; testimony.

evil, adj. [OE yfel.] (webplay: happiness, unhappy).

Wicked; iniquity; immoral; base; vile; harmful; corrupt; malignant; wretched; unwholesome; sinful.

evoke (-s, -d), v. [Fr. < L. < ē, out + vocāre, to call.]

Call forth.

exact (-ing), v. [L. ex, out + agēre, to drive.]

Demand; require; compel; command; obligate; call for.

exacting, adj. [see exact, v.]

Rigorous; strict; clean; precise; demanding; compelling.

exactly, adv. [see exact, v.]

Precisely; quite.