Lexicon: entirely – entreaty

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entirely, adv. [see entire, adj.]

  1. Solely; exclusively.
  2. Thoroughly; well-examined.
  3. Completely; to the full extent.

entitle (-s, -d), v. [see title, n.] (webplay: laws).

Qualify; make deserving; give a rightful claim; open the way to; bestow the right of possession upon.

entitled, adj. [see title, n.] (webplay: good, labor, name).

Called; named; known as; having the title of.

entombed, v. [see tomb, n.] (webplay: grave).

Buried; interred; put in the ground.

entomber, n. [see tomb, n.] (webplay: dead).

Undertaker; grave digger; one who inters; person who buries the dead; [fig.] planter; gardener.

entomology, n. [Fr. > L.]

The study of insects.

entrance, n. [see enter, v.]

Entry; beginning; start; commencement.

entrancing, adj. [see enter, v.]

Bewitching; enchanting; captivating; mesmerizing; enthralling; completely engaging; that captures the attention absolutely.

entreat (-ed), v. [see treat, v.]

Ask; beseech; bid; beg; plead with; sincerely implore; earnestly appeal.

entreaty, n. [see treat, v.]

Appeal; request; prayer; supplication; petition; invocation; pleading; earnest begging.