Lexicon: Eden – effaceless

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Eden ('ll, 's), proper n. [Heb. 'pleasure, delight' < Sumerian edin, plain.] (webplay: Adam, Eve, God himself, paradise).

  1. The Tropics; heaven on earth; tropical paradise; promised land; place full of flowers, sunshine, and birds; [synonym] Brazil.
  2. Spring; summer; season of new life; beauties of nature; time of growth and verdure; [fig.] pleasure; delight; ecstasy; innocent enjoyment; state of bliss.
  3. Heaven; eternity; immortality; mansion on high; paradisiacal glory; kingdom of God; dwelling place in the presence of the Lord.
  4. Harbor; cove; inlet; [fig.] haven; security; calm; shelter; safe place; back water bay; place free of danger and evil; [historical] East Eden, Maine; port where Samuel Bowles learned to row.
  5. After-life; spirit world; Elysium; life after death and before the resurrection; resting place of the dead before the final judgment.
  6. Biblical garden; primordial state; cradle of civilization; birthplace of mankind; abode of our first parents; sinless state of the world before Adam and Eve's fall and expulsion; paradise lost [see Genesis 2:8 and ED letters]; [fig.] heaven; supernal bliss.
  7. Now; today; mortality; time of temptation; this life; present time; [historical] Amherst, Massachusetts; home of the Dickinson family.

edible, adj. [L. < ed-ěre, to eat.]

Fit to be eaten.

edifice (-s), n. [Fr. < L. ædis, temple, house + -ficium, make.]

  1. Temple; tabernacle; large church; stately building; religious sanctuary; [fig.] body; body of law.
  2. Repository; monument; mausoleum; burial place; [fig.] entity; phenomenon.
  3. Building; apartment; establishment.
  4. Residence; dwelling place; place especially suited for its inhabitants.

edition, n. [Fr. < L. ēděre, to put forth, to publish.]

The publication of any book or writing.

education, n. [L. ēducāre, to rear, to bring up.] (webplay: science).

  1. Schooling; formal instruction; literacy training.
  2. Upbringing; nurture; process of nourishing.

e'e, n. [contracted form; see eye, n.]

e'en, adv. [contracted form; see even, adv.]

e'er, adv. [contracted form; see ever, adv.]

efface (-s, -d, -ing), v. [L. ex, out + facies, face.]

  1. Disappear; fade away; become invisible; vanish from view.
  2. End; finish; destroy; extinguish; terminate; eliminate.
  3. Erode; undermine; weaken; subvert; wear away.
  4. Erase; hide; obliterate; blot out; [word play] cause to be faceless.
  5. Dissipate; dispel; make invisible; cause to disappear; [fig.] melt.
  6. Diminish; decrease; make appear less significant.
  7. Lessen; minimize; reduce the burden of; relieve from the heavy weight of; [word play] confront; meet face to face.

effaceless, adj. [see efface, v.]

Familiar; notable; well known; [fig.] durable; unforgettable; indestructible; not expendable.