Lexicon: extravagance – exultant

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extravagance, n. [L. < extra, outside + vagari, to wander.]

Expense; waste of resources; excess of effort; extremely high price.

extravagant, adj. [see extravagance, n.]

Luxurious; excessive; overdone; exceeding necessity; not within ordinary limits; [fig.] unrealistic; fanciful; delusional.

extreme (-er, -est), adj. [L.'outward'.]

  1. Farthest; last; least.
  2. Great; intense; to the utmost degree.

extremely, adv. [see extreme, adj.]

Greatly; deeply; very much.

extremity, n. [see extreme, adj.]

  1. Limitation; collapse; breakdown; breaking point.
  2. Distress; despair; calamity; catastrophe; emergency; disaster; exigency; unexpected crisis.
  3. Grief; sorrow; heartache; exquisite suffering; physical agony; spiritual anguish; psychological torment.
  4. Situation; predicament; [fig.] offense; severe penalty.
  5. Rigor; severity; great difficulty; utmost hardship; intensely stressful circumstance.

extrinsic, adj. [L. < exter, outside + in, in + secus, beside.]

External; outside; from without.

exuberance, n. [Fr. < L. < ex- + ūberāre, to be fruitful, fertile; udder.]

Abundance; fullness; richness; [fig.] warmth; summer weather; spring-like temperatures.

exude, v. [L. ex-, out + sūdāre, to sweat.]

Discharge; escape; flow from.

exult, v. [L. < ex-, out + salīre, to leap.]

Rejoice; be happy; be willing; be glad.

exultant, adv. [see exult, v.]

Triumphantly; victoriously; jubilantly; with joy.