Lexicon: evanesce – evening

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evanesce, v. [L. 'vanish'.]

Dissipate; fade; disappear; escape possession; pass away; [fig.] melt into thin air.

evanescence, n. [see evanesce, v.]

Dissipation; departure; gradual removal; fleeting moment; [fig.] demise; transition of death.

evangelist (-s), n. [Gk 'bring good news'.] (webplay: blessed).

Biblical prophets; authors of Genesis; Old Testament patriarchs; [general] apostles; pastors; preachers; gospel teachers.

eve (-s), n. [see evening, n.]

Dusk; eventide; sunset; late afternoon; beginning stage of night time.

Eve, proper n. [Heb. Chavvah, 'life-giver'.] (webplay: Adam, consort, human, living).

First woman; wife of Adam; mother of all humankind; first person to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil; first one to experience the Fall from the Garden of Eden to mortality (see Genesis 3 and ED's letters).

even, adj. [OE efen.] (webplay: carry, country, easily).

  1. Steady; unwavering; in rhythm; stepping together; treading at the same time in the manner of a military march; [fig.] faithful; steadfast.
  2. Level; uniform; equalized; without distinctions.
  3. Consistent; constant; rhythmic; iterative; dependable; predictable; repeating in regular intervals.
  4. Equal; fair; just; settled; mathematically correct.
  5. Flat; horizontal.
  6. In tune; with sufficient breath to support vocal expression.
  7. Smooth; direct; free from fluctuations.

even, adv. [see even, adj.] (webplay: bringing, common, included, learned, like, manner, mind, new, noting, other, several, wishes).

  1. Directly; at the very time; at the same moment.
  2. Without the exception of; including the extreme case of.
  3. Enough; more than sufficient; beyond expectation.
  4. Still; yet.
  5. Balanced; owing nothing; without debt.
  6. At least.
  7. Equally; likewise.
  8. Parallel; equal in height; at the same altitude as.

even, n. [see evening, n.]

Evening; dusk; occident; sunset; close of day; place in the west; other side of the compass orientation.

evening (even), adj. [see even, adj.] (webplay: beginning, day, morning, sun, time).

  1. Setting; pertaining to the end of daylight; [word play on “even”] moving around in a regular cycle.
  2. Final; ending; closing.

evening (-s, -'s), n. [OE æfnung, to grow towards evening.] (webplay: afternoon, beginning, close, darkness, day, ends, fall, first, friend, life, morning, night, sun, time).

Sunset; approaching dusk; beginning of darkness; [fig.] close of one's life.