Lexicon: easy – echoed

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easy (easier), adv. [see easily, adv. and easy, adj.]

  1. Readily; without as much pain.
  2. Deftly; effortlessly; with facility.
  3. Lightly; gently; not heavily.
  4. Likely; probably.
  5. Phrase. “Easy on”: Adrift; afloat; buoyantly forward.

eat (-s, ate), v. [OE ate.] (webplay: die, food, men, words).

  1. Consume; ingest; take in food for bodily nourishment.
  2. Dissolve; corrode; wear away; break off.
  3. [Merism: “ate and drank”] partake; devour; absorb as knowledge.

eaves, n. [OE efes, porch.] (webplay: falls, roof, windows).

  1. Overhang; edge of a roof; structure on a building which casts rain off the roof.
  2. Sloping surface; [fig.] cheeks of a face; [see Shakespeare's Tempest 5.1.17 “His tears run downe his beard like winter drops From eaves of reeds.”]

ebb (-s, -ed), v. [OE a-ebbian, to strand a ship.] (webplay: opposed).

Wane; recede; withdraw; flow out; move away, like the retreat of the ocean tide; [fig.] vanish in death; disappear by dying.

ebbing, verbal adj. [see ebb, v.] (webplay: flow).

Returning; turning; [fig.] changing.

ebon, adj. [L. hebenus < Heb. hōbhn, hard.] (webplay: tawny).

Black; color of ebony; made of the hard black wood from the East; [fig.] death.

eccentric, adj. [Gk εκκετ ρος, out of center.]

Off-center; odd; untraditional.

eccentricity (-ies), n. [see eccentric, adj.] (webplay: common).

The state of being odd or uncommon.

echo (-es), n. [L. < Gk 'sound'.]

Reflected sounds.

echoed, v. [see echo, n.]