Lexicon: entrench – epoch

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entrench (-ed), v. [see trench, n. and intrench, v.]

Imbedded; buried; deeply implanted; profoundly surrounded; protected; fortified.

entrust (-ed), v. [see trust, v.]

Commit; confide; give trustingly; present with the expectation that it will be well taken care of.

envelope (-s), v. [OF.]

Surround; engulf; overtake; swallow up; becloud; obscure.

envoy, n. [OFr < en voie, on the way.]

Messenger; courier; emissary.

envy, n. [Fr. related to L. invidēre, to look upon maliciously.]

Jealousy; enmity; ill-will; hostility; malignant feeling.

envy (envies), v. [see envy, n.] (webplay: brave, feel, grieve, happiness, obtained, possess).

Begrudge; resent; wish to be like; covet the situation of; to be jealous of.

epauletted, adj. [Fr. épaule, shoulder.] (webplay: men).

Ornamented; adorned with epaulettes; wearing a military shoulder-piece; [fig.] martial; soldierly.

epicure (-s), n. [L. > Gk Epicurus, Greek philosopher.]

Gourmet; connoisseur of fine food; pleasure-seeker; one with refined tastes in food and drink.

Epigea, proper n. [Gk epi, upon + gaia, earth.]

Epigea repens; evergreen plant with white berry-like fruit and heart-shaped leaves; fragrant rose-colored flower that bloom in April; low-growing New England shrub that prefers poor soil and northern hill-sides; [fig.] Spring; the world; Mother Nature; flower personified as Earth goddess.

epoch, n. [L. < Gk 'stoppage, station, fixed point of time'.] (webplay: period).

Time; era; measurement of time.