Lexicon: eclat – eddy

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eclat, n. [Fr. 'burst out'.] (webplay: renown).

Acclimation; splendor.

eclipse (-s), n. [OFr < L. < Gk 'to forsake its accustomed place, fail to appear'.] (webplay: earth, darkness, life, star, sun, whole).

  1. Intervention; intercession; transcendence; change in perspective; obscuring from the mind as if from the eye.
  2. Obscurity; total darkness; absence of light; [fig.] death.
  3. Darkening of the sun when its light is temporarily blocked by the moon.
  4. Astronomy event; passage of a body that overshadows the appearance of another.

eclipse, v. [see eclipse, n.]

Block; pass in front of; obscure from view; [fig.] surpass; exceed; overshadow.

economical, adj. [see economy, n.] (webplay: keep).

  1. Prudent; frugal; careful in managing household resources.
  2. Stingy; miserly; parsimonious; penurious; begrudging.

economy, n. [Middle Fr. < Gk 'management of a household; arrangement of a literary work'.] (webplay: nature, time).

  1. Wisdom; prudence; frugality; [fig.] elegance; finesse; modest style (see L. brevia); [Webster 1844] effective poetic arrangement; proper disposition of language elements.
  2. Management; regulation; government; discipline; order; rigor; [fig.] obedience; faithfulness.
  3. Home; household resources; family organization; social network; (see Thoreau's “Economy” in Walden).

ecstasy (-'s, ecstasies, extacies, extasy), n. [OFr < L. < Gk 'to put out of place'.] (webplay: leave).

  1. Fit; catalepsy; convulsion; paroxysm; seizure; [fig.] crisis; excessive suffering; [antithesis] trance; rapture; transport; fixed state; separation of the body and the spirit; [Webster 1844] “state in which the functions of the senses are suspended by the contemplation of some extraordinary or supernatural object.”
  2. Pleasure; rapture; intense emotion; delight that arrests the whole mind; state of being beside oneself with joy.
  3. Distraction; enthusiasm; ebullience; exuberance; outpouring; [fig.] show; exhibition; performance; recital; spectacle.
  4. Elevation of mind; contemplation of the extraordinary; [fig.] poetry.

ecstatic (extatic), adj. [see ecstasy, n.]

Entrancing; delightful beyond measure.

ecstatically, adv. [see ecstasy, n.]

With excessive joy; [fig.] actively; energetically; rapidly.

eddy (eddies), n. [etymology unknown.]

Current; updraft; course; circuit; circle; wheel; swirl; whirlpool; circular pattern of movement; [fig.] wave of heat; swirling movement of light.

eddy (eddies, eddied), v. [see eddy, n.] (webplay: Wheel).

Stream; whirl around; move in circles; travel on the wind.