Lexicon: exultation – eyelid

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exultation, n. [see exult, v.]

  1. Rapture; ecstasy; transport; [fig.] passage from life to death; transition to the next life.
  2. Triumph; victory.
  3. Joy; delight; splendor; magnificence; great gladness; [fig.] import; significance.

eye (-s, e'e), n. [OE.] (webplay: advantage, apple, attention, ball, blue, Booksellers, Christ, color, consequently, contemplation, cordage, countenance, direct, enlightened, evidently, face, fastenings, favor, feather, figure, fixed, flies, form, front, glance, hands, hear, inspection, jealousy, Jesus, look, lower, man, master, mind, morning's, movable, narrowly, nature's, notice, observation, opposition, parts, peacock's, plant, power, printed, purple, received, red, regard, resembling, sail, set, ships, sight, small, understanding, view, vision, walks, watch, wind's, work, observe, watch).

  1. Eddy; purl; whirl; swirl; curve; center of a spiral; [personification] window; reflection; glassy surface.
  2. Vision; [dual “eyes”] visual sense; capacity for perception.
  3. Watcher; viewer; scout; sentry; sentinel; scanner; lookout; coast guard; lighthouse keeper; [fig.] person who searches for lost souls.
  4. Light-detector; [fig.] instrument of faith; organ of spiritual vision; capacity to withstand divine glory.
  5. Observer; beholder; [metonymy] being; creature; [fig.] people; person; individual; human being.
  6. Source of tears; wellspring of emotion; organ of expressing sorrow in the human face.
  7. Distrust; envy; suspicion; supervision; alert.
  8. Understanding; judgment; [fig.] textual interpretation; reading comprehension.
  9. Orb; eyeball; ocular globe; [metonymy] body without life force; corpse without vitality.
  10. Vortex; convolution; [personification] transition zone; cusp of energy; center of activity; collision of currents; merger of fronts in a storm.
  11. Oculus; paired organ of sight; two round globes used for seeing in the center of the human face; [fig.] organ of consciousness; life force; window to the soul.
  12. Bulb; half-dome; convex bulge; round curved surface; sculptor's representation of a real oculus.
  13. Sight; sensory capacity for detecting the world by refracted light.
  14. Refraction; [fig.] moonshine; rays of light.
  15. Hole; opening; circular aperture; [fig.] aim; target; mark; [metaphor] purpose; objective.
  16. Disk; circle; ring; halo; aura; nimbus; glory; center of the sun.
  17. View; glance; gaze; range of vision; [fig.] observation; attention; perception; perspective; discernment; evaluation; examination; inspection; point of view; instrument of analysis.
  18. Slit; slot; oriel; vent; viewport; small narrow window.
  19. Flower kernel; center disk of a flower.
  20. Scope; vista; landscape.
  21. Sun; illumination; star shine; rays of light.
  22. Radiance; effulgence; endless shining of light; [fig.] intelligence; omniscience (see Revelation 21:23).
  23. Hub; center of a wheel; [fig.] soul; psyche; mortal creature; natural man.
  24. Phrase. “The shutting of the eye”: reflexive closure of the oculus lids during rest or sleep; [fig.] slumber without engagement of physical vision; [metonymy] the daily rest period of a living body in contrast with the final rest of the body in physical death.
  25. Phrase. “Eye to eye”: face to face; in confrontation; in direct personal communication.
  26. Phrase. “Eye hath not seen”: no mortal person can comprehend (see Isaiah 64:4; 1 Corinthians 2:9).

eyelid (-s), n. [see eye, n. + lid n.]

Closed organ of sight; cover over the oculus; moveable upper protective flap of skin above the orbs of vision; [fig.] corpse; remains; dead one; deceased person.