Lexicon: enameled – enclose

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enameled (enamelled), adj. [see enamel, v.]

Glossy; coated.

enamor (enamored, -s, -ing), v. [Old Fr. < French en + amour, love.]

  1. Delight; charm; please; transport.
  2. Enrapture; enchant; entice; captivate; in love with.

enamored, verbal adj. [see enamor, v.]

Loving; affectionate; caring; engaging; totally devoted; committed to love.

encamp (-ing), v. [see camp, v.]

Arrive suddenly; dwell temporarily; come to reside without notice.

enchant (-ed, -s, -ing), v. [Fr. < L. in, upon + cantāre, to sing.]

  1. Evoke an image; invoke a spirit; elicit a response; conjure up someone not present.
  2. Transform; transport; mesmerize; hypnotize; put into a trance; bind in a spell of words; subdue by pronouncing a charm; empower with songs of fascination; [metaphor] change; convert; give a new identity; [fig.] enlighten; illuminate; inspire with knowledge; translate into another kind of language.
  3. Bewitch; beguile; ravish; entice to surrender; affect by sorcery; exert magical influence upon; [metaphor] sing; chant; make musical bird calls.
  4. Captivate; tantalize; entice; charm; please; exhilarate; delight to the highest degree.

enchanted, verbal adj. [see enchant, v.]

  1. Magical; extraordinary; charmed; spellbound; [fig.] alluring; enticing; pleasant; delightful beyond measure.
  2. Great; gigantic; immense; comprehensive; monumental; momentous; bigger than life; [fig.] perfectly fulfilling.

enchanting, verbal adj. [see enchant, v.]

Engrossing; captivating; alluring; charming; delightful; mesmerizing; entrancing; enrapturing; totally absorbing the attention.

enchantless, adj. [see enchant, v.]

Vacant; unfilled; empty of joy; having no delight.

enchantment (-s), n. [see enchant, v.]

  1. Power; absolute delight; intense pleasure; magical transformation; spellbinding experience; [fig.] enlightenment; illumination; inspiration; intelligence; empowerment through language; transport to another world, place, or time.
  2. Allurement; enticement; captivation; fascination; enthrallment; irresistible influence; overwhelming appeal; overpowering attraction; [pun on “Chance”] possibility; en-chance-ment.
  3. Nature; earth in its splendor; creation with all of its beauties and mysteries.

enclose (-s), v. [see close, v.]

Cover; shut up; protect with a mass of material.