Lexicon: ether – evade

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ether, n. [L. < Gk 'kindle, burn, shine'.] (webplay: celestial, finer, heavenly, rarer, sweet).

  1. Atmosphere; wind; breeze; [personification] Spirit; Holy Ghost; divine inspiration.
  2. Air; sky; clouds; moisture; condensation.

ethereal (etherial), adj. [see ether, n.] (webplay: air, corporeal, light, natures, spirit).

  1. Hazy; breezy; effervescent; balmy; [fig.] blessed; favored; fortunate; glorious.
  2. Transcendent; invisible but audible, like distant thunder; [fig.] spiritual; soulful; otherworldly.
  3. Spectral; ghostly; ghastly; [fig.] indifferent; supercilious.
  4. Ephemeral; ineffable; unspeakable; inexpressible.
  5. Unearthly; supernatural; mystical; mysterious; unexplainable; [kenning “Etherial Zone”] immortality; paradise; Elysium; spirit world; place beyond the veil of death.
  6. Brief; fleeting; temporary; momentary; short-lived; [fig.] primordial; primeval; essential.
  7. Airy; wispy; imperceptible; intangible.
  8. Aerial; [fig.] elevated; superior; ascendent.
  9. Heavenly; celestial; seraphic; of spirit; existing beyond mortality; [fig.] divine; godly.

ethics, n. [L. < Gk 'characters, manners'.]

Values; beliefs; principles; precepts; system of rules to teach moral and social manners.

Ethiop, proper n. [L. < Gk aithos, burnt + ops, face.]

  1. Tropical zone; Equator area; [fig.] heat; fever; energy; passion; soul; life force; source of power.
  2. Africa; wealthy nation; Middle Eastern land of many rivers; (see Genesis 2:13).

Ethiopian, adj. [see Ethiop.]

Hot; sunshiny; [see ED letters.]

etiquette (-s), n. [Fr. 'ticket'.]

Decorum; ceremony; formalities used on public occasions; manners used at court; unwritten code of honor.

Etna (-'s), proper n. [Gk aith, to burn, to smoke; prob. < Phoenician attūnā, furnace.]

Active volcano on the Italian island of Sicily; [see ED letters]; [fig.] destroyer of life; source of life.

Etruscan, proper adj. [L. etrusc-us + an < unknown origin.]

Classical; ancient; prehistoric; pertaining to Etruria (now Tuscany); of the early southern European civilization that influenced Roman culture; concerning the newly discovered, untranslatable extinct language of Italy; [fig.] white-on-blue filigree pottery style; [see ED letters.]

eulogy, n. [Gk 'praise, blessing'.] (webplay: extol).

Encomium; panegyric; praise; tribute; commendation; complement; expression of one's valuable qualities or services.

evade (-s), v. [Fr. < L. ē, out + vādēre, to go.] (webplay: attempt, avoid, away, slip).

Elude; circumvent; skirt; escape unnoticed; slip away from danger; sidestep by subterfuge.