Lexicon: father – favorably

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father (-s, -'s, -'d), n. [OE faeder, begetter.] (webplay: Adam, age, care, child, church, city, first, former, God, invents, learning, man, old, paternal, person, poor, respect, son, town, wise).

  1. Male parent; paternal begetter; (see Genesis 2:24).
  2. Ancestor; forefather; progenitor; (see Genesis 15:15).
  3. God; supreme being; divine caregiver; heavenly parent to all mankind; (see Matthew 6:9).
  4. Originator; institutor; framer; (see Genesis 17:5).

fathom (-s), n. [OE faeĆ°m, thread or line.] (webplay: containing, depth, feet, sea, thought).

Much profundity; profound measurement; many nautical miles, as gauged a line and a lead (see Acts 27:28); [fig.] infinity; endless space.

fathom (-ed, -ing), v. [OE.] (webplay: find).

Measure; reach; assess; sound the depth of; [fig.] confront; scare; terrify mentally; sink into the soul of.

fatigue, n. [Fr.]

Tiredness; sleepiness; exhaustion.

fatigue, v. [Fr.] (webplay: harass, tire, weariness, weary).

Tire; wear out; drain; exhaust with toil.

fatigued, verbal adj. [see fatigue, v.]

Tired; exhausted; wearied; worn out.

fatuity, n. [Fr.]

Weakness; stupidity; feebleness of mind.

fault, n. [ME faut, failing.] (webplay: blame, injure, wrong).

Blame; error; mistake; flaw; impairment of excellence; (see Genesis 41:9).

favor, n. [ME.] (webplay: feature, friendly, grace, justify).

  1. Kind indulgence; privilege; aid.
  2. Honor; sake; personal regard.

favorably, adv. [see favor, n.]

Amiably; fortunately; affectionately; with compliments.