Lexicon: flit – Florentine

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flit (-s, -ted, -ting), v. [Sw. 'flow, glide away'.]

  1. Pass lightly; go by softly.
  2. Flicker; oscillate.
  3. Fluster; baffle.
  4. Scamper quickly away.

float (-ing), v. [OE.]

Convey something on air.

floating, verbal adj. [see float, v.]

Drifting; conveyed on water; moved by currents on the sea.

flock (-s), n. [OE.]

Several sheep in a group.

flood (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Fullness; volume; [fig.] sensory overload; comprehensive color, scent, beauty, and so forth.
  2. Extensive rainfall; total inundation; global deluge; complete immersion of the Earth in water; (see Noah's flood in Genesis 7:6).
  3. River; stream of water; [fig.] inspiration; revelation; outpouring of words; [metaphor] manuscript; fascicle; packet of poetry; collection of verses.
  4. Storm surge; over-flowing water.
  5. Abundance; copious amount.
  6. Swell; gush; crescendo; [fig.] euphony; outpouring of pleasant sound; [metaphor] collective birdsong.
  7. Water level; amount of precipitation.
  8. Transfusion; blood flow; [fig.] source of life; [metaphor] baptism; atonement; redemption that covers the price of death and hell; sacrifice that overcomes spiritual death and physical death.
  9. Ocean; body of water.
  10. Drink; essential liquid; water of life; [fig.] baptism; sacrament; purification; sanctification; blessing; breath of life; [metonymy] totality; everything; all-encompassing life force.
  11. Incremental increase; gradual overflow of water.

flood (-ing), v. [see flood, n.]

  1. Cover; deluge; inundate; [fig.] paint; wash with color.
  2. Fill; dominate; overpower; overwhelm.

floor (-s), n. [OE flor. NW says Welsh llawr, earth or ground and Ger. flur, field; NW also notes that ancient inhabitants of Europe had no floor in their huts but the ground.] (webplay: business, dust, early, ground, house, lower, room, sand, walk).

  1. Flat wooden surface; bottom level in a room; smooth plane of boards covering the base of the interior of a building.
  2. Soil; earth; land; kind of dirt; [word play on flur in etymology] field.
  3. Base; [metonymy] bottom of an archive, repository, or storehouse; [fig.] mental and emotional depths.
  4. Ground; [fig.] casket; burial place; earth surrounding a grave.
  5. Bottom of a ship; interior downward surface of a chest.
  6. Platform in a theater; stage for performance.
  7. Tier; level; story; [fig.] surface of the ocean; waves.
  8. Foundation; groundwork in a court; [fig.] paved golden street of the kingdom of heaven.
  9. Phrase. “Ground floor”: downward limit; lowest part; first story; substratum on which other parts are overlaid.

floorless, adj. [see floor, n.] (webplay: house).

Bottomless; without foundation; endless; limitless; infinite; eternal.

flora, n. [L. Flora, goddess of flowers, from flos, floris, flower.] (webplay: flower, plant).

Flower; of or pertaining to flowers and plants; [fig.] sunset; purplish tint of the horizon at sundown.

Florentine, proper n. [see Anglo-Florentine.]