Lexicon: further – futile

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further, adv. [OE; see far, adv.]

At a greater distance across space.

furthest, adv. [OE; see far, adv. and off, adv.]

Most distant.

furtive, adj. [Fr.]

Stealthy; secretive; surreptitious; subtle; mysterious.

furtive, adv. [see furtive, adj.]

Stealthily; secretly; like a thief; [fig.] hastily; in a hurry; with quiet desperation.

furze, n. [OE.]

Thorny shrub; prickly bush; flowering plant with spines; [word play on “fuzz”] down; fuzziness; soft petals.

fuschzia (-'s), n. [var. of fuchsia.]

Magenta primrose; pink primula flower; reddish-purple colored blossom.

fuse, n. [It. < L. fūsus, spindle.]

Fuel; ignition; combustible cord; inflammatory string; means of explosion; small tube filled with incendiary matter; strand by which fire is led to the powder in a bomb; [fig.] trigger point; cause of outburst; prelude to outrage.

fuse, v. [L. fus-, pour, melt.]

Blend; merge; come together; increase in size.

Fustian, adj. [L. fustas, wooden stick, club < Gk, 'wood-linen or cotton'.]

Thick cotton fabric; material from El Fustat, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt; [fig.] rough; coarse; plain; common; heavy; of ordinary people.

futile, adj. [Fr.]

  1. Harmless; innocuous; ineffectual; not effective; causing no damage.
  2. Pointless; worthless; of no importance.
  3. Useless; unsuccessful.