Lexicon: forget – formal

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forget (-ing, -s), v. [OE.]

  1. Lose; neglect; overlook; cease to think of.
  2. Not remember; lose knowledge; remove something from the memory.

forgive, v. [OE.]

  1. Pardon; excuse a fault.
  2. Forget a sin (see Luke 23:34).
  3. Accept a change.

forgiven, verbal adj. [see forgive, v.]

Pardoned; one absolved from sin.

forgiveness, n. [see forgive, v.]

Pardon; amnesty; act of pardoning; freedom from blame.

forgot, verbal adj. [see forget, v.]

Lost; neglected; overlooked, not remembered.

fork, n. [OE.]

Location where a road splits in two; [fig.] division into branches.

fork (-ed), v. [see fork, n.]

Attack by separating and spreading in direction, simultaneously encompassing the prey.

form (-s), n. [L.]

  1. Shape; body; figure.
  2. Manner of arrangement.
  3. Kind; variety.

form (-ed, -s), v. [see form, n.]

Shape; mold; construct.

formal, adj. [L.]

Traditional; established; customary.