Lexicon: flavor – flesh

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flavor (-s), n. [Fr.]

  1. Fragrance; sensation; [fig.] memory; reminder; effect of an extraordinary event.
  2. Pleasant taste; [fig.] characteristic of an object that appeals to the senses.
  3. Taste; distinctive element of a substance.

flavor (-s), v. [see flavor, n.]

Season; give a distinctive aspect to.

flavorless, adj. [see flavor, n.]

Tasteless; [fig.] not exciting.

flaw, v. [Old Norse.]

Ruin; spoil; stain; make imperfect.

flee (-s, -ing, fled), v. [OE flean, to depart.]

  1. Escape from danger.
  2. Leave; depart; go away.
  3. Disappear, as by force.

fleece (-s), n. [OE fléos, to shear or strip.]

  1. Sheepskin; soft thick nap of an animal's hide; [fig.] clouds; cloud cover; [metaphor] veil; curtain that separates mortals from deity; (see Genesis 32).
  2. White robe; gossamer clothing; white diaphanous garment (see John 20:12; Revelation 15:6).
  3. Wool; white gauze; [fig.] snowfall; layers of snow.
  4. Phrase. “Silver fleece”: shiny metallic film; [kenning] moonlight; reflected light of the moon from the invisible sun.
  5. Phrase. “Golden Fleece”: animal hide made of gold; mythical golden pelt sought by Jason and the Argonauts; [fig.] treasure; wealth; riches; pelf; valuable object.

fleet (-er), adj.

  1. Nimble; agile; light-footed; [fig.] fine; exquisite; inscrutable; intangible; elusive; mysterious.
  2. Brief; existing shortly.
  3. Swift; speedy; rapid; nimble; quick moving.
  4. Evanescent; ethereal; frail; short-lived.

fleet (-s), n. [OE 'ship, vessel'.]

  1. Convoy of slow-moving boats; group of sailing vessels; large squadron of navy ships.
  2. Navy; sea force; [fig.] sunset formation; moving cloud banks.
  3. Cloud; horde; swarm; cluster; bunch; group of several members.
  4. Breeze; zephyr; soothing wind; soft current of air carrying pleasant smells; [fig.] perfume; fragrance.

fleeting, adj.

Rapid; short; passing by quickly; [fig.] fleeing; departing; escaping; expiring.

flesh (-ly), adj. [see flesh, n.]

  1. Mortal; vulnerable; [kenning “fleshly Gate”] mortality; physical body; bondage of earthly life.
  2. Carnal; corruptible; sensual; animal; inclined natural instincts.