Lexicon: faint – fairness

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faint, adv. [see faint, adj.]

Quietly; delicately; discreetly; almost invisibly.

faint (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [Fr. faner, to fade, wither, decay.] (webplay: day, distillation, fail, hearing, heart, house, lady, thirst, voice).

  1. Despair; feel disheartened; lose faith; want courage; lack hope; suffer depression; (see Revelation 2:3).
  2. Fade; seem dim; become overwhelmed by intense light.
  3. Swoon; adore; worship; fall on knees to exalt; (see Psalms 119:81).

faint (-er, -est), verbal adj. [OFr feint, sluggish, cowardly.] (webplay: breathe, day, fair, hearing, honor, houses, imperfect, lady, last, light, little, lose, loss, low, red, send, small, sound, spirit, striking, strong, timid, way, wines).

  1. Dim; unseen; imperceptible; hardly visible; weak in color; not bright or vivid; [fig.] distant.
  2. Losing vitality; lower in body temperature; fading physically as death approaches; [fig.] lost in another world.
  3. Dismaying; unnerving; enervating; unsettling; [fig.] scary; frightening.
  4. Muted; hushed; quiet; soft sounding; not loud; barely audible.
  5. Weak; fallible; feeble; fragile; frail; imperfect; limited in power; [fig.] mortal; earthly; merely human.
  6. Humble; unapparent; hardly perceptible; not obvious.

faint-going, adj. [see faint, adj. and going.]

Feeble; becoming weak.

fainting, verbal adj. [see faint, adj.] (webplay: falling, heart, lose, loss, vain, way).

Tender; defenseless; helpless; weak; vulnerable; [fig.] hungry; [metonymy] baby; fledgling.

faintly, adv. [see faint, adj.]

Feebly; weakly; lazily; without vigor; in a languid manner.

fair (-er, -est), adj. [OE faeger.] (webplay: accomplish, beautiful, bid, branches, character, cloudy, companions, company, complexion, contract, dark, died, distinctness, dust, equal, eye, face, foreign, formerly, free, friend, frightened, gently, happily, held, holiday, honest, ladies, letter, look, man, matter, meeting, mild, narrow, obscurity, offer, open, place, promised, prosperous, pure, rest, return, separate, sight, situated, sky, softly, speech, stain, stands, stated, thing, town, view, way, white, wind at sea, woman, world).

  1. Beautiful; good; attractive; splendid; pleasing to the senses; appealing in physical appearance.
  2. Superior; excellent; triumphant; complete.
  3. Lovely; pretty; sweet; pleasing to behold; [fig.] pure; clear; unblemished; untarnished; innocent; (see Genesis 24:16).
  4. Merited; warranted; deserved; justified; equitable; honest; honorable.
  5. Unobstructed; plentiful; open to access; [fig.] desirable; admirable; agreeable; enviable.
  6. Clear; not cloudy; not overcast; calm; (see Job 37:22).

fair, n. [OFr feire, holiday.]

  1. Gathering; outdoor market; city market in Europe; periodical meeting of buyers and sellers; (see Ezekiel 27:22).
  2. Light; brightness; [fig.] beauty; delight; aesthetic quality.
  3. Beauty; ideal; dream; vision; optimism; aspiration; imagination; [fig.] poetry.

fairly, adv. [see fair, adj.]

Frankly; honestly; justly.

fairness, n. [see fair, adj.] (webplay: hue).

Beauty; elegance.