Lexicon: farthest – fast

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farthest, adj. [see far, adj. and furthest, adj.] (webplay: distance).

Most remote; most distant; faraway.

farthing (-s), n. [OE feoroing, fourth.] (webplay: little).

Money; fourth of a penny; copper coin; (see Matthew 5:26); [fig.] very small price; object of little value.

fascinate (-ed, -s), v. [L. enchant.] (webplay: captivates, love, noted).

Captivate; excite; allure irresistibly or powerfully.

fascinating, verbal adj. [see fascinate, v.]

Bewitching; enchanting; charming; captivating.

fashion (-s), n. [Fr. < L. facere, to make.] (webplay: any thing, appearance, make).

  1. Style; trend; vogue; prevailing mode of dress.
  2. Manner; way; mode; (see Genesis 6:15).
  3. Form; style; cut; shape; clothing.

fashion (-ed, -ing), v. [see fashion, n.] (webplay: fit, rule).

  1. Form; model; give shape.
  2. Design; customize; make; fit; adapt.
  3. Formulate; construct; [fig.] imagine; suppose; envisage; try to understand.

fashionable, adj. [see fashion, v.]

Stylish; chic; modish.

fashioned, verbal adj. [see fashion, n.] (webplay: fitted, made).

  1. Phrase. “New fashioned”: modern; recent.
  2. Phrase. “Old fashioned”: old manner; out of style; comfortable.

fashionless, adj. [see fashion, n.]

Without fashion or shape.

fast, adj. [OE.]

  1. Set; secure; fixed; tightly attached.
  2. Bound; held firmly.
  3. Quick; fixed; close; near; unwavering; (see Ruth 2:21).