Lexicon: former – fortitude

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former, adj. [see former, n.]

Being in sequence first or near the beginning.

former, n. [OE.]

Something earlier in time; thing spoken about previously; what comes before the latter.

formerly, adv. [see former, n.]

Older; past; before in time.

formula, n. [L.]

  1. Orison; supplication; set prayer; formal request; memorized expression of faith; [fig.] plan; method of action.
  2. Combination; pattern; convention; arrangement of elements; set of primary ingredients; [fig.] music; score; taps; call for retreat; bugle song to extinguish light.

forsake (-s, forsook), v. [OE.]

Leave; abandon; turn away; refuse.

forswear (-s), v. [OE.]

Renounce; deny.

forth, adv. [OE.]

  1. Out into the open.
  2. Forward.
  3. Out of silence.

forthwith, adv. [see forth, see with.]

Immediately; at once; right away; without delay.

fortify (fortified), v. [Fr. fortifier.]

Make strong.

fortitude, n. [L. fortis, strong.]

  1. Faith; moral and spiritual strength (enabling one to endure with patience and courage).
  2. Strength; force.