Lexicon: fairy – falling

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fairy, adj. [see fairy, n.]

Magical; enchanting; illusory.

fairy, n. [OFr faerie.]

Sprite; nymph; mythical elfin being; one of the little people; creature of the other world; tiny female human form who dances in meadows; [fig.] spirit of a deceased child; ghost of a delicate little girl; supernatural form of a departed soul.

faith, n. [OFr feid or feit, persuade, draw toward, conciliate, bind.] (webplay: advanced, alone, being, Belief, believe, broke, Children, constant, death, distinguished, evidence, failing, fraud, friend, generation, God, heart, justified, life, lover, mind, name, nature, observant, perfections, remains, Savior, sight, strain, strong, suppose, thing, times, trust, truth, walk, witness).

  1. Belief in Christ; trust in the Son of God; [fig.] natural credo; confidence in the constant cycles of renewal, rebirth, and return in Nature.
  2. Belief in salvation; trust that the dead will be restored to life.
  3. Suspension of disbelief; the first principle of Christianity; the primary article of belief for a gospel creed.
  4. Religious commitment; loyalty to covenant; moral courage under persecution; [fig.] Christian martyrdom; [personification] a saint; a believer; a martyr; (see Acts 13:8).
  5. Acceptance without certain knowledge; credence without visible evidence; veneration without tangible experience; devotion without total reassurance; reliance on the scriptures, the existence of God, and the mission of Christ to save all humankind.
  6. Abstinence from sure knowledge; absence from the presence of God; [metaphor] the Lord's lamb; believer who makes a willing sacrifice; one who gives a consecrated freewill offering to God.
  7. Personal belief system; private religion of love; [fig.] sacrament of marriage.
  8. Bond; connection; devotion; oath; pledge; troth; security; vow.
  9. Justification; grace; perfect trust in God; spiritual apprehension of divine truths; comprehension of the gospel of Christ; unreserved surrender of the will to the Lord's guidance; acceptance of realities beyond the reach of logical proof; (see Luke 7:50).
  10. Reliance on scriptural witnesses; confidence in truth declared by another; conviction proceeding from reliance on testimony; (see Matthew 6:30).
  11. Active force; principle of action; power that impels one to move; belief that initiates good deeds; [personification] an apostle, evangelist, minister, prophet, or preacher.
  12. Knowledge; sentiment based on concrete evidence.
  13. Open-mindedness; desire to see; capacity to believe; hope in possibilities not yet manifest; [fig.] sincerity; innocence; honesty (see Matthew 8:10).
  14. Perception; inner sense like the five senses; (see Acts 16:5).
  15. Hope in things that are not seen which are true (see Hebrews 11:1)
  16. Confidence; self-assurance; credibility; authority; power to produce belief; (see Matthew 17:20).
  17. Doctrine; theology; [fig.] substance; strength; meaning; significance.
  18. Divine power; [fig.] Deity.

faithful, adj. [see faith, n.] (webplay: being, constant, crown of life, death, heard, name, strain, times, witness, worthy).

  1. Steadfast; immovable; firm to the truth and duties of religion; (see Numbers 12:7).
  2. Loyal; trustworthy; true to the marriage covenant; honorable to a pledge of fidelity; (see Deuteronomy 7:9 and Hamlet 1.3.78-80).
  3. Inevitable; certain; true; unavoidable; (see 2 Timothy 2:11).
  4. Exact; rigorous; constant in the performance of services; true to covenant of promise; (see 1 Samuel 2:35).
  5. Dependable; reliable; conscientious; thorough in fulfillment of duty; (see 2 Samuel 20:19).
  6. Enduring; lasting; never failing; in conformity to the letter and spirit; (see Colossians 1:2).

fall, n. [see fall, v.] (webplay: drop, hands, higher, length, limit, separate, soul).

  1. Drop; plunge; set; descend to a lower position.
  2. Autumn; season between summer and winter.

fall (-ing, -s, fell), v. [OE faellan.] (webplay: act, Adam, against, angels, arrow, attempt, become, bend, book, broken, brother, care, cease, clouds, come, cools, days, dejection, die, different, down, dread, drop, earth, enemies, enter, erect, face, fail, faint, Far, fathers, fear, feet, first, forget, friendship, full, glory, gravity, great, Gulf of Mexico, hands, head, heaven, hill, hopes, horse, ill, interesting, joy, knowest, land, lords, love, lower, men, mice, mind, mixt, nations, nothing, observed, off, ounces, outsailed, pass, power, ranks, rejected, remain, revolt, rises, river, ruined, sea, shame, shoot, sick, side, Since, snow, solid, soul, sound, stand, steep, still, sword, tells, throw, tide, tree, tumble, two, war, wind, withdraw, witness, worst, youth).

  1. Drop; descend; decline; plummet; go down in motion; come to the ground; [fig.] sound; utter.
  2. Die; depart from this life; wound mortally by violence; (see Leviticus 26:7).
  3. Apostatize; succumb to temptation; lapse into sin or folly; (see Leviticus 19:29).
  4. Lower; come down; [fig.] subside; come to an end.
  5. Faint; pass out; drop down from an erect posture.
  6. Happen; occur; approach; come to pass; (see Ruth 3:18).

fallacy, n. [L. fallacia, of quality.]

Lie; mistake; deception; false statement; faulty argument.

fallen, verbal adj. [see fall, v.] (webplay: men).

Lowered; brought to the ground.

fallible, adj. [L. fallibilis.]

Mistaken; misconstrued; liable to error.

falling, verbal adj. [see fall, v.] (webplay: days, die, earth, evening, fruits, head, men, timbers).

Dropping; descending; diving; (see Job 14:18).