Lexicon: fireside – first

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fireside, n.

Hearth; place of heat and warmth; place next to the fire; [fig.] gathering place in home.

firing, n.

Discharging of weapons; shooting with a gun.

firm (-er, -est), adj. [ME.]

  1. Certain; secure; sure.
  2. Established; constant.
  3. Steady; constant; strong.
  4. Strong; fixed; solid; certain.
  5. Best; most convincing.
  6. Stable; calm; adamant.

firm (-er, -est), adv. [see firm, adj.]

  1. Steady; unshaken; constant.
  2. Stable; settled; fixed.
  3. Stronger.

firmament (-s, -'s), n. [OFr < L. firmamentum from firmare, to strengthen.]

  1. Heavens where God dwells; [fig.] immortal, sacred, everlasting place.
  2. Expanse; wide extent; celestial sphere.
  3. Arch of heaven overhead, where the clouds and stars appear.

firmamental, adj. [Webster: celestial; being of the upper regions.]

Celestial; heaven-like.

firmness, n. [see firm, adj.]

Steadfastness; faithfulness; strength.

first, adj. [OE; NW says it is the superlative of fore, fyr, before, advanced.]

  1. Preceding others in time; seen before any others.
  2. Primary; principle; exceeding others in importance.

first (1st), adv. [see first, adj.]

  1. Initially; in the beginning; at the onset.
  2. Before anyone else; preceding another in time.
  3. Phrase. “the 1st”: first; earliest; before any others.
  4. Phrase. “at first”: initially; in the beginning.

first, n. [see first, adj.]

  1. One previously mentioned.
  2. Utmost; best one.