Lexicon: feeling – fence

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feeling, verbal n. [see feel, v.] (webplay: cold, heart).

  1. Sensation; state of being.
  2. Emotion; outpouring; personal reaction.

feign (-'d), v. [ME feinen, form, mold.]

Imitate; counterfeit; fake; deceive; contrive; pretend; falsely represent; (see 2 Samuel 14:2).

felicity, n. [OFr] (webplay: heaven).

  1. Happiness; contentment; blessedness; goodness; good humor.
  2. Prosperity; good fortune; luck; fate.

fell (-ed), v. [Ger.] (webplay: fall, tree).

Lower; knock down; cut; brought to the ground; (see 2 Kings 3:25).

fellow, adj. [see fellow, n.]

Associated; connected; affiliated.

fellow (-s), n. [ON felage, property, money, society.] (webplay: match, sane, suited, worth).

  1. Peer; associate; companion; comrade of equal social status; (see Exodus 2:13).
  2. Scientist; member of a learned society; seeker of higher knowledge; [word play] one who belongs to the Fellows of the Royal Society of London in Great Britain.
  3. Creature; being; young man; male entity; (see Genesis 19:9).

fellowmen, n. [see fellow, n. + men.]

Mortals; human beings; people on earth.

fellowship, n. [see fellow, n. + -ship.]

Company; society; sympathy; consort; state of being together; mutual association; (see Leviticus 6:2).

felon, n. [OFr] (webplay: finger).

Villain; wretched person; criminal; outlaw.

fence (-s), n. [see defense, n.] (webplay: farmer, field, lands, posts, rail, stone).

Wall; defense; hedge; guard; line of posts and rails intended to confine; method of protection; (see Psalms 62:3).