Lexicon: frog – frozen

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frog (-s), n. [OE.]

Toad; anuran; tailless batrachian; four-footed salientian; jumping amphibious reptile; creature of the genus Rana, known for swimming in water, leaping on land, and making plosive sounds.

frolic, n. [Du. vrolijk.]

Romp; gambol; rollick; dance party; festival of mirth; scene of gaiety.

from, prep. [OE.]

  1. [Indicating source, starting point, and so forth.]
  2. [Indicating cause, reason, and so forth] because of; as a result of.
  3. [Indicating movement away.]
  4. [Indicating distance.]
  5. [Indicating removal, separation, and so forth.]
  6. [Indicating location.]
  7. [Indicating prevention, hindrance, obscuring, and so forth.]
  8. [Indicating how] using; by; by means of.
  9. [Indicating comparison, distinction, difference, and so forth.]

front, n. [L.]

  1. Face; forepart; forehead; countenance; visage; part of the human head that expresses individual identity; [fig.] temperament; disposition; personality; importance; [fig.] weather; mass of clouds; [metaphor] vanguard; army; host; battalion; troops.
  2. Foyer; lobby; entrance to a house; [fig.] beginning; genesis; recent history.
  3. Presence; undergoing; real experience.
  4. Phrase. “in front of”: before; anterior to; in the presence of.

front (-ing), v. [see front, n.]

Face; confront; engage in; deal with; go forward to experience.

frontier, n. [OFr frontier, front.]

  1. Border; boundary; confine; fence; farthest area; faraway place; most distant part.
  2. New territory; unexplored land; [fig.] unknown factor.
  3. Domain; realm; region; sphere of action.
  4. Date; time; season; equinox.

frost (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Signs of old age.
  2. Coldness; numbness; [fig.] loss of feeling.
  3. Winter; cold temperature; freezing weather condition.
  4. Layer of ice; light covering of frozen, condensed water.
  5. Death; loss of life; lack of vital signs.
  6. Executioner; impassive destroyer; [fig.] cold snap.

frown (-s), n. [OFr.]

Negative aspect; unfavorable countenance; facial contraction; expression of displeasure; [fig.] cloudy weather; overcast atmosphere.

frown, v. [see frown, n.]

  1. Be sad; refrain from smiling; present a gloomy aspect; express sorrow on the face.
  2. Manifest displeasure; show disapproval; express dislike; refuse to smile.

frozen, verbal adj. [OE.]

  1. Afflicted; chilled with fear; numb with terror; [fig.] bound; petrified; paralyzed.
  2. Sealed; permanently stuck; attached firmly.