Lexicon: pearly – pedestrian

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pearly, adj. [see pearl, n.]

Iridescent; lustrous; shimmering; silvery.

peasant (-s), n. [AFr paisant < L. pāgensis, the country.]

  1. Commoner; layperson; lowly being; one who holds no title or rank.
  2. Inhabitant; resident; dweller; native citizen.

peasantry, n. [see peasant, n.]

Common people; rank and file; group of ordinary citizens.

peat, adj. [Anglo-L. peta.]

Organic; humus-like; sod-like; like dry soil; made of earthly elements; [fig.] dull; colorless; drab; plain; dreary; lackluster; humble; ordinary; human; mortal.

pebble, n. [Origin obscure.] (webplay: stone).

  1. Stone; small rock.
  2. Insignificant ammunition; ineffective bullet; [fig.] insufficient power; futile might; feeble force.
  3. [Fig.] obstacle; stumbling block; obstruction to further progress.
  4. Projectile; object thrown into a body of water, causing ripples; [fig.] influence; effect; impact.
  5. [Fig.] silent witness; inconspicuous bystander.

peculiar, adj. [L. pecūliāris, personal belongings, private property < L. pecū, flock, herd, farm animals.] (webplay: cattle).

  1. Unfamiliar; unknown; unseen; unrecognizable; [fig.] deceased; dead.
  2. Particular; specific; certain; exact; precise.
  3. Unique; uncommon; rare; precious; unusual; extraordinary.
  4. Strange; curious; foreign; bizarre; odd; unusual; idiosyncratic; [pun on etymology, L. pecus, cattle.] bovine; cattle-like; with a herd mentality.

peculiarly, adv. [see peculiar.]

Especially; singularly; distinctly; in particular.

pedantic, adj. [Fr. < It. pedante, teacher, schoolmaster.]

Vain; pompous; ostentatious; showy; pretentious.

peddler (-'s), n. [Origin obscure; NW says < L. pedis, the foot.] (webplay: carried, cart, wagon).

  1. Traveling salesman.
  2. Pedestrian; foot traveler.

pedestrian, adj. [L. pedester + -an; NW says < L. pes, the foot.] (webplay: foot, walking).

Wingless; bound to earth; able to move only by the use of feet; [fig.] mortal; human.