Lexicon: pillage – pine

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pillage, n. [Fr. pillage < piller, to plunder.]

  1. Theft; robbery; plundering.
  2. Loss of rightful property through stealing; loss of a loved one to death.
  3. Stolen property.

pillow, n. [OE pylu < L. pulvīn-us, cushion.] (webplay: bed, filled, hair, head, lay, long, reposing, soft, wood).

  1. Cushion; bolster; soft support; sleeping place.
  2. Head cushion in a casket; support for the head of a deceased person; [fig.] final resting place.

pilot, n. [Fr. pillotte < It. pilota < pedota, rudder, steersman, beacon.] (webplay: knowledge).

Captain; steersman; guide; driver of a ship; [fig.] Jesus Christ; spiritual guide.

pilot, v. [Fr. pilote-r, see pilot, n.] (webplay: knowledge).

Guide; lead; direct; steer; usher; drive; motivate; urge; spur; push.

pin (-s), n. [Late OE pinn prob. < L. pinna, pinnacle.]

  1. Fastener; tiny, pointed metal instrument used to hold clothing or cloth together. (218/189, 373/575)
  2. Brooch; decorative fastener.

pin (-s, pinned), v. [see pin, n.] (webplay: block, eye).

Attach; hang; connect; link; affix; bind; fasten; secure. (263/293)

pinch (-ed), v. [ONFr *pinchier < OFr pincier.] (webplay: covetous, pinching cold, try).

Hurt; bite; sting; agonize; afflict; torment; cause pain.

pinching, verbal adj. [see pinch, v.] (webplay: strong).

Agonizing; painful; excruciating; poignant; stinging; torturous; traumatic.

pine (-s), n. [OE pín < L. pīnus, pine tree.] (webplay: wood).

  1. Evergreen; coniferous tree.
  2. Evergreen scent; pleasant, aromatic odor of the pine tree.

pine (-s), v. [OE pínian < L. pœna, punishment, pain.] (webplay: lean, mind).

  1. Languish; decline; degenerate; deteriorate; dwindle; fade; starve; gradually expire; slowly perish; become feeble; waste away.
  2. Phrase “pine for”: miss; desire; long for; yearn for; feel homesick for; suffer emotionally from the lack of.