Lexicon: path – patron

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path, n. [OE pæþ .] (webplay: abroad, go, goings, foot, life, push).

Way; road; course; track.

pathetic, adj. [Late L. pathetic-us < Gk 'sensitive, liable to suffer'.]

  1. Pitiable; moving; saddening; emotional.
  2. Sorrowful; mournful; [fig.] funereal in tone; reminiscent of suffering or death; [word play on “Pathetique”] solemn, like Beethoven's piano sonata 8 in C minor, Op. 13.

pathos, n. [Gk pathos, suffering, feeling.] (webplay: sorrow).

Emotion; passion; intense feeling.

patience (-'), n. [OFr < L. patient-em, suffering.] (webplay: exertion, life, permission).

  1. Longsuffering; pious acceptance; calm endurance; quiet perseverance; waiting without complaint; constant diligence.
  2. Mercy; understanding; compassion; sympathy.

patient (-est), adj. [OFr passient < L. patī, to suffer.] (webplay: bears, Christian, discontent, divine, expected, life, long, mind, morning, pain, pass, suffer, thought, will).

  1. Painful; difficult; demanding fortitude; requiring endurance.
  2. Enduring; uncomplaining; self-denying; expectant; calm.
  3. Ill; invalid; diseased [fig.] passively afflicted.

patient, adv. [see patient, adj.] (webplay: bears, cold, mind, pain).

  1. Bravely; uncomplainingly; courageously; [fig.] hidden; concealed.
  2. Diligently; assiduously; unceasingly; constantly; expectantly; earnestly; painfully.

patriarch (-'s), n. [OFr patriarche.]

  1. Prophet Noah; righteous descendent of Adam and Eve; spiritual leader in the Old Testament of the Bible; family man who sent birds out of the Ark to look for land after the great flood had cleansed the earth of wickedness; (see Genesis 6-10).
  2. Grandparent; head of a family; senior one in the household; [variant] ancestor.

patriot, adj. [Fr. < L. patriota, fellow-countryman.] (webplay: country, dying, loves).

Native; loyal; allegiant; devoted.

patriotic, adj. [Late L. patriotic-us.] (webplay: man).

Phrase. “Patriotic day”: Independence Day; Memorial Day; Veteran's Day; holiday for the honoring of those who died in battle; occasion for remembering those who gave their life for their country.

patron (-s), n. [OFr < L. patron-us, protector, defender, patron.] (webplay: arts).

Supporter; benefactor; helper; admirer; attender; audience.