Lexicon: Pentateuchal – perception

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Pentateuchal, adj. [L. pentateuch-us < Gk, of five books.] (webplay: old).

Old Testament; as described in the five books of Moses; [fig.] priestly; glorious; exquisite.

penurious, adj. [Fr. penurieux, see penury, n.]

  1. Greedy; covetous; jealous; stingy.
  2. Scanty; paltry; inadequate; short-lived; brief.

penury, n. [L. pēnūria, want, need.]

  1. Deprivation; poverty; nothingness; emptiness; [fig.] nightfall; darkness; death.
  2. Absence; lack; being out of reach.
  3. [Fig.] humble pleasures; simple domestic tasks.
  4. [Fig.] humility; poorness in spirit.

people (-s), n. [AFr poeple < L. populum < populus, the people see person, n.] (webplay: children, common, emigrants, man, men, Paris, peasant, summer, town).

  1. Human beings; individuals.
  2. Masses; generations; large numbers of human beings.
  3. Mourners; those paying their respects to deceased persons.
  4. Creatures; animals, birds, or insects.
  5. Parties; concerned participants.
  6. Exotic nations; foreign cultures.
  7. Children of God; faithful believers; partakers of salvation through Jesus Christ.
  8. Souls; angels; spirits of human beings who have died.
  9. [Fig.] corpses; dead bodies.
  10. [Fig.] Plants; trees; evergreens.
  11. [Fig.] Suitors; admirers.

peradventure, n. [ME parauenture < OFr per or par aventure, by chance.]

  1. Possibility; future prospect; potential.
  2. Accident; mishap; chance misfortune.
  3. Speculation; conjecture; guessing; attempt at explanation.

perceive (-d, -s, perceiving), v. [OFr < L. percipěre, take possession of, apprehend with the mind or senses < per, through, thoroughly + capěre, take; seize, lay hold of.] (webplay: color, felt, heard, known, light, minute, power of perceiving, process, seen, sound, woman).

  1. Realize; recognize; notice; ascertain; become aware (of); become conscious (of).
  2. See; observe; behold.
  3. [Fig.] predict; anticipate; expect; foresee; be aware of in advance.

perceiveless, adj. [see perceive, v.] (webplay: felt, honey, thinking).

  1. Imperceptible; unrecognized; gradual; barely noticeable.
  2. Unfathomable; incomprehensible; extraordinary.
  3. Distant; remote; beyond sight; extraordinarily high.

per cent (-s), n. [L. per, for each + centum, hundred.]

Phrase. “Per Cents”: percentage; [fig.] dividend; gain; reward; income above what was originally invested; profitable return on an investment.

perceptible, adj. [Late L. perceptibil-is.] (webplay: air, know).

  1. Visible; discernable; distinguishable; in sight; in view.
  2. Audible; heard.

perception, n. [OFr perception < L. perceptiōn-em, receiving, collecting, mental apprehension, intelligence, knowledge.] (webplay: objects).

Appreciation; realization of importance; awareness of intrinsic value; true understanding.