Lexicon: prowess – psaltery

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prowess, n. [ME < OFr < L. *prōdis; see proud, v.]

Bravery; valor; courage; gallantry; intrepidity; fearlessness.

prowling, verbal adj. [ME proll-en, origin unknown.]

Wandering; roving; predatory; marauding; hunting; plundering; pillaging.

prudence, n. [Fr. < L. prūdēntia, foresight, sagacity, skill, prudence < prōvidēntia; see providence, n.] (webplay: cautious).

Care; discretion; discernment; wise judgement; careful consideration.

prudent (-er), adj. [Fr. prudent or L. prūdēns, knowing, skilled, experienced, versed, sagacious, circumspect < prōvidēre; see provide, v.] (webplay: cautious).

  1. Practical; useful; helpful; appropriate.
  2. Wise; good; sensible; safe; responsible.

prudent, n. [see prudent, adj.]

Wise person; careful man; sensible individual.

prudential, adj. [see prudence, n.] (webplay: looketh, motives).

  1. Cautious; careful; wary; watchful.
  2. Necessary; expedient; requisite; wise in the current situation.

prudently, adv. [see prudent, n]

Wisely; discreetly; sensibly; providently; with careful forethought; with due caution.

pry (pried), v. [ME prien, origin unknown.] (webplay: distant, lever, narrowly, way).

  1. Peep; spy; investigate; observe closely; watch secretly; inspect clandestinely; scrutinize curiously.
  2. Raise; lift; force open; break into; [fig.] destroy; spoil; thwart; defile.
  3. Chip away at; attempt to break through.
  4. Force; coerce; drive; push.

psalm, n. [L. < Gk ψαλμ-ός, twitching of the strings of the harp, song sung to the harp.] (webplay: music, worship).

  1. Anthem; paean; musical ode; song of praise; words set to a tune for worship; [fig.] poem; metrical verse; lyric poetry; (see Psalms 98:2).
  2. Hymn; chant in a church liturgy; [fig.] appeal; supplication; request; plea; prayer; orison; petition to deity.

psaltery (psalteries), n. [OFr < L. < Gk ψαλτήριον.]

Lyre; harp; zither; Aeolian wind instrument; triangular frame of wood with strings that produce music when fingers strum them (see Psalms 81:2); [fig.] birdsong; sound of the wind passing through trees.