Lexicon: prose – proud

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prose, n. [Fr. < L. prōsa, straightforward discourse, accentual hymn in which prose pronunciation and order is used < prōs-us, straightforward, straight, direct.]

Ordinary language; uninspired expression; unimaginative discourse; dull, commonplace words.

prospect (-'s), n. [L. prōspect-us, look out, view < prō, forward + specěre, look.] (webplay: landscape, retrospective, view).

  1. View; vista; outlook; scene; extent of land visible to the eye.
  2. Foresight; expectation; anticipation; vision of future events; act of looking forward in time. (930/811, 995/1014)
  3. [Fig.] imminent approach of winter.

prospective, n. [see prospect, n.]

  1. Potential; possibility; future opportunity.
  2. Anticipation; pleasurable expectation; idea of potential enjoyment; preconceived belief that something will bring happiness.
  3. Prophecy; prediction; prognosis.
  4. [Fig.] innocence; naivety; blissful ignorance; lack of experience with the difficulties of life.
  5. Extrapolation; inference; [possible word play] perspective; foreshortened viewpoint; artistic skill of representing a full picture in a two-dimensional medium from a contained point of view.

prosperity, n. [ME < Fr. < L. prosperitās, good fortune, success, prosperity < prosper-us, favorable, fortunate, prosperous.] (webplay: advance, pursuit).

Success; abundance; affluence; well-being; material ease; financial stability; thriving condition; good fortune; freedom from difficulty.

prosy, adj. [see prose, n.] (webplay: days).

Ordinary; [fig.] calm; mild; still; quiet; placid; not unusually rough; not violent or stormy.

protect (-ed, -s), v. [L. prōteg-ěre, cover in front, protect, defend < prō + teg-ěre, cover.]

  1. Cover; shield; guard; defend; preserve; make safe; make secure; keep from danger.
  2. Shield from punishment; [fig.] justify; cleanse; make pure; make holy; declare free from sin.

protection, n. [see protect, v.] (webplay: foreign).

Preservation; safety; security; guardianship; safekeeping; refuge; sanctuary; freedom from danger.

protracted, verbal adj. [L. prōtrah-ěre, draw forth, prolong, extend, defer < prō, forward, in front + trah-ěre, draw.]

  1. Endless; eternal; everlasting; permanent; [fig.] reliable; dependable; changeless.
  2. Long-lasting; extended; prolonged; constant; continual; drawn out.

protrude (protruding), v. [L. prōtrūd-ěre, thrust, push forward or forth < prō, forward + trūd-ěre, thrust.]

Rise; move upward; come to the surface; appear suddenly; come out.

proud (-er, -est), adj. [Late OE prob. < OFr prūd, valiant, doughty, gallant < late L. *prōd-is, profitable, advantageous, useful.] (webplay: brave, day, hight, stones).

  1. Grand; magnificent; splendid; ostentatious; inspiring self-confidence; gratifying to the self-esteem.
  2. Lofty; high.
  3. Dignified; self-respecting; gallant; noble; stately.
  4. Arrogant; boastful; self-assured; gratified by personal achievements; satisfied with one's individual excellence; confident in one's own superiority.
  5. Pleased; content; glad; satisfied; gratified; honored.