Lexicon: punishment – purpose

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punishment, n. [see punish, v.]

Chastisement; reproof; condemnation; disciplinary action; penalty for a wrong action.

puppet, n. [ME popet < Fr. < L. pūpa, girl, damsel, lass, doll, puppet.]

Doll; marionette; figure representing a person; [fig.] corpse; mortal body rendered lifeless by the absence of the spirit.

purchase (-d, purchasing), v. [ME < AFr < L. prō, for + captiāre, catch, hunt, chase.]

(wepblay: buy). Buy; acquire; obtain; gain in exchange for something of value.

purchaser, n. [see purchase, v.] (webplay: buy, gain, give, paying, price).

  1. Buyer; customer; client; consumer; person willing to exchange something of value for an offered item.
  2. Contractual partner; covenant maker; [fig.] husband; spouse; Lord; Savior.

pure (-r, -st), adj. [OFr < L. pūru-s, clean, clear, unmixed, pure, chaste.] (webplay: behold, gold, meeting, unfit, washing, words).

  1. Perfect; [fig.] good; desirable; gratifying; satisfying.
  2. Clean; immaculate; pristine; spotless; [fig.] white; holy; angelic; heavenly; celestial.
  3. Wholesome; healthful; beneficial; nourishing.
  4. Complete; absolute; sheer; utter; unmitigated; untempered; untainted; unadulterated.

purl (-ed), v. [Early Mod. E. pirle.]

Murmur; ripple; gurgle; bubble; flow capriciously.

purple, adj. [ONorthumb. < ME < L. purpura < Gk πορφύρα, Mediterranean shell-fish that yields the Tyrian purple.] (webplay: blissful, blue, blue birds, color, dress, dyed, east, emperor, flood, flowers, hands, morn, red, Red Sea, robes, soft, spots, sweet, wore).

  1. Hazy blue; [fig.] distant; elevated; referring to landscape, high mountains, or the horizon.
  2. Blue and red; [fig.] life-giving; vital; blood-carrying.
  3. Tyrian blue; [fig.] imperial; majestic; distinguished; elegant; pertaining to color of the robes of kings and queens.
  4. Bluish-red; violet; crimson; tinted with deep colors caused by the sunrise or sunset.
  5. Exotic; mysterious.
  6. Deeply-colored; floral; lavender; referring to flowers.
  7. Drowned; bluish in color like the body after death; [fig.] funereal; deathly.
  8. Ruling; commanding; all-powerful; omnipotent.
  9. Dark; deep; unfathomable in depth.
  10. Phrase. “Purple host”: iris flowers; flags, in the botanical sense; [fig.] blood-stained soldiers; bruised battle-worn exhausted army personnel; brave heroic bold soldiers with flags, banners, or pennants.
  11. Phrase. “purple finger”: shadow; [fig.] violet-colored bloom; lilac, lavender, or gentian blossoms; covering of aster flowers.

purple, adv. [see purple, adj.]

Violet; in reddish-blue hues.

purple (-s), n. [see purple, adj.] (webplay: blissful, blue, color, composed, east, emperor, flowers, morn, red, spots, sweet).

  1. Crimson hue; mixture of blue and red [used generally of nature or landscape.]
  2. Violet light; bluish-red color of a sunset or sunrise; [fig.] the rising or setting sun.
  3. Color of a body at or after death; color of blood or bruises; [fig.] mortal wound; death.
  4. Color of royalty; majesty; dignity; distinction; elegance; richness; authority; the color of robes for monarchs.
  5. Royal robe; funeral robe; expensive or exotic cloth tinted with a rich, brightly colored dye; [fig.] exaltation; glory; honor; royalty; nobility.
  6. Color of spring flowers; deep-hued bloom.
  7. [Fig.] blood; life; vitality.
  8. Summit; rocky slope; range; high peak; [fig.] monarch; emperor.

purpose (-s), n. [OFr porposer, to purpose or propose; see propose.]

Function; duty; use; task; necessary work.