Lexicon: pointer – poltroon

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pointer (-s), n. [see point, v.] (webplay: degree, figures, stop).

  1. Indicator; hour hand; index of a timepiece; long, thin instrument attached to the center of a clock dial which indicates the correct hour; [fig.]
  2. Clockworks; mechanism; gear; mechanical system of weights and springs which keeps a timepiece running; [fig.] process; cause; collection of influencing factors; events which determine the outcome of a situation.

poise (-d, poising), v. [Late ME < OFr < L. penděre, weigh'.] (webplay: balance, hold, strength).

  1. Balance; steady; perch.
  2. Equalize; make even; balance the scales; bring to a state of equilibrium.
  3. Pause; wait; hover; stop briefly.
  4. Prepare; make ready.

poised, verbal adj. [see poise, v.]

Resting; suspended; leaning.

polar, adj. [Med. L. polār-is < L. pol-us, see pole + L. ār-em, of the kind of, belonging to.] (webplay: ice, needle, north, seas, south).

  1. Arctic; glacial; frozen; icy; bitterly cold; of the region surrounding the north pole.
  2. Harsh; intense, severe; tortuous; difficult; filled with trial and tribulation.
  3. Solitary; remote; cut off from human companionship.

pole (-s), n. [L. pol-us end of an axis, pole, sky < Gk πόλος, pivot, axis, sky.] (webplay: change, star, zenith).

End point of the earth's axis; northern or southern extremity of the earth; [fig.] fixed point; stable, immovable place; dependable thing; unchangeable idea.

police, n. [Fr., 'organized government', 'civil administration', 'police', < med. L. polītīa.]

  1. Government; civil administration; system of laws and regulations; body of peace-keeping officials; government department in charge of keeping public order.
  2. Constable; sheriff; law enforcement officer.

polite, adj. [L. polīt-us, polished, accomplished, refined, cultivated, polite < polīre, smooth, polish.]

  1. Modest; humble; proper; appropriately respectful.
  2. Smoothed; polished; [fig.] cleansed; made new.
  3. Cultured; refined; elegant; genteel; sophisticated.
  4. Courteous; obliging; civil; well-mannered; well-bred.
  5. Kind; considerate; thoughtful; accommodating; attentive; magnanimous.

politeness, n. [see polite.]

Kindness; consideration; thoughtfulness; magnanimity; deference for the wishes of others.

pollute (-s), v. [L. pollūt- < polluěre, to soil, defile.]

Taint; spoil; ruin; profane; corrupt; defile; mar; damage; undermine.

poltroon, n. [Fr., 'rascal', 'coward' < It. potrone < potro, idle, lazy + -one, augmentative suffix.]

Rascal; rogue; scoundrel; coward; spiritless craven; timid creature; frightened thing.