Lexicon: pound – powerless

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pound (-s), n. [OE < WGer. *pundo- < L. pondo, short for libra pondo, a pound weight.] (webplay: care, countries, different, granted, sum, value, weight).

  1. Weight; measure of heaviness; standard unit of weight.
  2. Heaviness; weightiness; mass; load; burden; force of downward pressure.
  3. Portion of overall weight; section of the body.
  4. Silver piece; unit of money equal to twenty shillings; [fig.] large sum; substantial quantity of wealth.

pour (-ed, -s), v. [ME pour-en, origin obscure.] (webplay: dust, fine, fire, heart, sighs, shore, spirit).

  1. Stream; gush; flow; emit; spill.
  2. Offer; send; give (to); bestow (upon); transmit (to) in copious abundance.
  3. Fall; settle; rest.
  4. [Fig.] warble; sing.

pouting, verbal adj. [poss. < OE *pútian, swell, be inflated.] (webplay: bird).

  1. Gray; dark; cloudy; stormy.
  2. Sulky; sullen; cross; grumpy; moody; gloomy; cheerless; dour; dismal; dreary; grim; somber.

poverty, n. [OFr < L. pauper, poor.] (webplay: beauty, coat, comfortable, day, entitled, grace, indigence, life, little, man, mean, power, rich, sense, sight, sin, spirit, sterility, substance, thing, want, wealth, wholly, without).

  1. Destitution; indigence; lack of possessions; absence of material goods.
  2. Lack; absence; deficit; paucity; shortage.
  3. Lack of spiritual riches; [fig.] inability to express beauty or emotion.
  4. [Fig.] fault; flaw; imperfection; defect; frailty; shortcoming.
  5. [Fig.] sorrow; disappointment.

powder, n. [ME < Fr. poudre, dust.] (webplay: charcoal).

Gunpowder; explosive substance; combustible mixture of saltpeter, sulphur, and charcoal.

powder (-s), v. [Fr. poudre-r, cover with powder; see powder, n.]

Sprinkle; dust; cover with fine particles; [fig.] whiten; blanket with soft, fine snow.

powdered, verbal adj. [see powder, v.]

With face and hair made up; wearing a wig covered in white starch, chalk, or plaster of Paris; [fig.] pompous; haughty; condescending.

power, n. [ME < AFr < Late L. potēre, to be able.] (webplay: adequate, ample, arising, being, cause, celestial, change, darkness, death, divinity, dominion, emperor, exist, fear, force, God, gold, great, hand, heaven, holding, large, lifting, light, make, man, misery, practice, prince, proceeds, remember, see, silent, smaller, sovereign, speak, strength, subjects, thing, think, torments, weak, will, wind, word, work).

  1. Ability; capacity; capability; skill; aptitude.
  2. Strength; might; stamina; endurance; fortitude; [fig.] will; courage; heart; spirit; determination.
  3. Influence; ability to affect; capacity to impact.
  4. Force; violence; aggression.
  5. Fuel; energy source.
  6. Life force; potential to live, die, and resurrect from the dead.
  7. [Fig.] God; omnipotent being; supremely divine entity.
  8. [Fig.] Satan; tempter; deceiver; temptation; enticement.
  9. [Fig.] means; way; method; process.

powerful, adj. [see power, n.] (webplay: mind).

Strong; potent; intense; profound.

powerless, adj. [see power, n.] (webplay: being, creation, emperor, great, hand, state).

Unable; helpless; inadequate; inept; incapable; lacking the necessary skill.